Christian Counseling Degree not enough to be a "Doctor" (MD that is)...

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    It sounds like the issue is she was discussing medical topics and using the title "Dr." Even with an accredited degree, you must stay within the scope of practice of your degree when you are dealing with counseling, social work, medical, Chiro and so on. Otherwise, it looks like you are putting people at risk by providing medical advice. You also must be transparent about your qualifications (if you hold licenses).

    Sadly, in this case it is compounded by an unaccredited degree so it is questionable whether she really should have been using "Dr."

    In some states even if she did have an accredited counseling degree (graduate level) and license, she could only use "Dr." if the doctorate was accredited by a US Dept of Ed agency AND in a related field. That would also not allow her to give medical advice.
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    Yes, Garp, that is true.

    I suspect she was speaking as a political candidate about vaccinations, etc. (which is a political issue here in CA) and not as a therapist. I'm sure the others in the race perhaps have addressed it too...likely without any background in the field.
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    I watched a documentary on TV about a man who was a gifted painter but all he painted was forgeries. These were good enough to fool professional museum curators who were experts in that area. Once he had finished a piece he would assume another identity, often that of a priest, and he would bring the painting to a museum in some distant city and he would donate it to the museum. These paintings were always accepted with gratitude and made a part of the museum collection. Eventually these curators began to suspect the truth and while they stopped accepting his paintings (he began traveling further afield to pull off this scheme) they could not charge him with a crime because no one had paid anything for the works. They were donated, free. His primary satisfaction was in fooling the experts, not making money.

    So perhaps the "Doctor" referenced above is free from prosecution because she is not accepting payment for her advice. After all, anyone can stand on a street corner and lecture on any subject, can't they?
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    Especially politicians speaking on "the issues". They speak on lots of things that they don't have an "expertise" in.

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