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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Alter Gant, Jun 14, 2021.

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    Outside of programmatic accreditation where one degree program within a school may have it and others don't, it usually doesn't work that way when we look at accreditation in the institutional sense. Institutional accreditation is the key thing here, too. I see this:

    But I'm not going to claim much knowledge of the French system, so that could be something or it could be nothing more than an application for recognition of some sort. We need someone familiar with the French education system to step in and give us the deal.
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    In the American context that's true. But then you have the Spanish system where degree programs that are official are registered with and overseen by the government of Spain, while propios are not. So at a Spanish University, you can have one degree program that is registered official and another that is propio (not registered). So in that way, it directly compares (at least closely) to an accredited-unaccredited model.
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    This thread describes a school with a similar setup, in particular Johann's comment notes that schools under that Code are legal but unaccredited and therefore unlikely to have any recognition.

    This page goes over the basics of private schools, in French, and notes that most private schools are affiliated with one of 2 unions:

    I don't see PCIE listed with either one, here:

    Or here:

    I also don't see PCIE listed here, on the Ministry list of private schools able to offer Masters degrees:

    Like the others, I think we'll need an expert with more information on the French system.
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    PCIE also has some dubious partnerships:

    Like this one with an Alworth College:

    And these people:

    Whose administrative address appears to be this small office building:,+Montclair,+CA+91763/@34.0740198,-117.6915417,3a,60y,14.58h,92.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sbfvnwiZ2CrTnRAjWMrbDyw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c3322cc75089a7:0x5a3dbd2968eb52d9!8m2!3d34.0744213!4d-117.6914707

    CMU claims to be exempt by the BPPE because they only offer training for a membership association (the International Alliance for Business Professionals (IABP)), but the IABP appears to be run out of a rented mailbox at 7426 Cherry Ave, Suite 210-433 Fontana, CA, 92336, US and it's still using the default Wordpress template. was registered June 12, 2020. was registered July 19, 2020

    The address listed on the WHOIS for, 112 Harvard Ave #410, Claremont, CA 91711 is the same one listed as the mailing address for CMU on

    The same Harvard Ave address also brings up American Management University: They claim ASIC accreditation.

    The WHOIS contact on is Mr. Sailesraj Bala Murali. He is also affiliated with European International University (

    EIU claims approval by "by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in Paris, France" and also ASIC. We have a DI thread about them here:

    And a more recent EIU thread here, that also mentions the CMU connection:
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    Sounds like to good to be true and most likely is too good to be true.
    Apart from the Lamar in Asia thing, there they seem to be some kind of reseller.
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    So basically what you are saying is that this could be similar to a Master Official vs. a Master Propio situation. It is also possible for non-accredited universities to have programmic accreditation of some programs. Foreign evaluations have had weird results like this.
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    For this school, I have no idea. The French system is outside my scope of knowledge.

    Your point on programmatic accreditation is factual. I seem to recall a school or two mentioned here that had no institutional accreditation but had ACBSP accreditation for its business programs.
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    My guess is that this institution is legally allowed to award papers which contain the words Bachelor or master or PhD program. However these papers are not state recognized and neither is the Institution itsself state recognized.
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    I have no knowledge of this. However, it doesn't necessarily mean they have any type of partnership with Lamar. They could just be advertising Lamar's online programs to students. They don't seem to be doing any teaching, so it doesn't mean they have any relationship at all.
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