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  1. Rich Douglas

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    Attending a university gets you two things: an education and a degree that speaks on your behalf regarding your education.

    Does this form of accreditation affect the latter?
  2. mintaru

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    Yes, I do. But I think it is more important what the German government says.

    Within Germany yes. Outside of Germany maybe. I guess that depends on the respective country. German accreditation agencies need to be recognized by the German "Akkreditierungsrat" (, and ACQUIN is one of ten recognized accreditation agencies in Germany.
    The German Accreditation Council is Germany's counterpart to CHEA.
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  3. Lerner

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    For some what will ECE or WES and similar determine is a major factor in the utility of such a degree in the USA.
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    I was sued too. So this time I'm too scared to wish them anything. Oh yes, me scared!
    Unlike Member Johann766, I am not a real German, just a fake. (I'm more of a Johann 666 myself- the Number of the Beast!) As some know, my real name is John.

    So - does anyone think we'll see an H+ rating on Germany's Anabin for this school?
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  7. Mac Juli

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    Well, GAQM still offers their degrees on their website and ACQUIN still did not confirm their accreditation. Well...
  8. Stephen Michael

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    It is indeed a curiosity.
    Because right on their website, Charisma University, claims ACQUIN accreditation (is that the correct wording?)
    They have also posted the decision letter ( The letter starts off in a strange way, but hey, its from a German, notes that previously the process was not approved, but Charisma met the requirements and was approved.
    Then they even post the letter from ACQUIN (
    So I will email ACQUIN and ask why are they not on their website.
  9. Stephen Michael

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  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    As I posted on the other thread:

  11. Elbulk

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    In Nigeria, schools use and not .edu in South Africa it's, the uk is, Australia use Every space has it tailored to them. One size doesn't fit all
  12. mintaru

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    This thread is from April 2020, and now, about one year later, there still is no mention of Charisma University on Acquin's website.
    I start to think there is something rotten here.

    All that is true, however, the situation is also a bit more complicated.

    First of all, .edu domains were originally intended for educational institutions anywhere in the world. That changed in 2001. Now, an institution must be located in the U.S., legally organized in the U.S., or recognized by a U.S. state, territorial, or federal agency. Also, that school has to be institutionally accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education's list of recognized accrediting agencies. But there still are grandfathered domains. For instance, that's how Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ( and Hochschule München ( got thier domain names.

    The point is, this policy change ment that very most non-US schools no longer had access to .edu domains. That wasn't a real problem, though. There are two alternatives for non-US schools, and outside the US, these alternavies always were more popular than .edu domains.

    The first alternative are ccSLDs (country-code second level domains). All of your examples fall into that category. By the way, it is possible for a country to have both, a .edu and a .ac ccSLD. China, for example, has for universities and for academic research institutes. However, not every edu domain under a country-code domain is a ccSLD. Take, for instance. That is the domain of a German webshop which offers school supplies and furniture for schools from kindergarten to high school.

    But not every country has ccSLDs, and even those countries with ccSLDs may not have one intended for educational institutions. Schools in these countries usually use a domain directly under the respetive country-code domain, and that is the second alternative. Most schools in countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, or the Netherlands use such a domain name. In these countries, the fact that a school doesn't have a .edu or .ac domain name is completely irrelevant since something like that never existed there on a domestic level.

    And that takes me to domains. These domains are intended for European higher education institutions. The problem is, literally all of these schools already have well established domain names. There is simply no reason for any school in Europe to also register a domain. Even worse, I'm sure very most Europeans do not even know that exists. My point is, I have no idea how their business plan is supposed to work.
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  13. Mac Juli

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    Considering that GAQM still offers their stuff: Yep. Same here.
  14. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    Reports on 233 institutions accredited by ACQUIN. I don't see any entry between Central-Kazakhstan Academy and Chemnitz University of Technology
  15. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Tsk, tsk. Guess I will have a talk with some people from ACQIUN after Easter.

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