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    There is another term that sometimes mentioned its Certificated.
    Maybe a certificate holder can refer to being certificated?
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    Certificated sounds like a fake word to me. I can see it's a valid word, but it still sounds wrong.
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    A certificate program, credit or non-credit, can require examinations within the courses, but the structure is not the same as your typical certification. For example, a graduate certificate in project management will include about three to six courses. Each course might have multiple exams or quizzes that cover one or more units within the course. After graduation, it might be expected that the student will have the knowledge to pass the PMP exam.

    In comparison, to get the PMP, you have to fill out an application proving you have the required experience, show evidence of 35 hours of project management education, and pass one exam that covers all of the domains of project management. Some universities have evaluated the PMP to be equivalent to multiple graduate-level courses.

    One main difference is that one can usually choose to self-study for a certification exam. Rarely is one required to go through the certifying organization's training course, if they even offer one.

    When I took LinkedIn Learning's certification exam prep courses, I was awarded a certificate of completion, but the goal was to pass the certification exam. The certificate of completion from LinkedIn wasn't a substitute for the Microsoft certifications I was prepping for.
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    Like "edumacated." But that's definitely wrong. 'Cept when muh Uncle Clem sez it...:)
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    My favorite is "strategery." Jim Downey coined the term for Will Ferrell when he was doing his GWB bit. That little nugget caught on so strong a lot of people were (are?) convinced Dubya actually said it.

    (Similarly, Carl Sagan was NOT noted for saying "billions and billions of stars." That was Johnny Carson impersonating Sagan--a favorite guest--in a skit.)
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