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    I looked into the PhD in Counselling Psychology from UCN and it was technically impossible to use it for licensing in Canada. Even if it was accepted as a degree, it lacked supervision components and specific course work requirements.
    As someone stated, I would have a very hard time to get a supervisor to supervise me with this degree unless I pay for this.

    There are many private programs in Canada that do not lead to a degree but they can be used for licensing as they are aligned and approved. Maybe still 20K investment for a certificate but at least you can use it.
    The DL degree from Yorkville is about 40K but it is accredited by most of the recognized boards in Canada.
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    His D.Sc. is from IBAM and his PhD. is from Clayton College of Natural Health. Those are schools that were closed - frauds. What kind of a success is that? :( And why do you continue to hype them up as if those degrees were any good?
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    That question was for LA. I don't know about Canada when it comes to this. But if you'd have to pay for supervision you'd be joining a big club. That's a problem everywhere in the United States no matter where you get your degree from, with some exceptions like top schools that afford you opportunities you wouldn't get at other schools, but most people aren't going to top schools so many have to join the pay-out-of-pocket club.
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    Not knowing Canada's system, are the requirements you're speaking of set at the provincial levels? And are there some government sites we can look at that deal with licensing? I'd like to learn some things about how it works there.

    From my conversations with the Professor who runs the UCN Psychology program, they're willing to tailor it to a student's needs. In the U.S. some states give the option of having an in-school research program for half of the required hours, and the other half being a clinical phase handled by an institution you make a deal with. If those aren't options in Canada or at least in the area you live, then this wouldn't go anywhere. Might be interesting to take a look.

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