CCU hoping to have doctoral programs by end of 2006

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    Dr. William L. Barcroft, Dean of Admission, CCU, called me today.

    I had inquired last week about their psych masters. He told me they are hoping to be able to offer accredited psych and business doctorates by the end of next year.

  2. friendorfoe

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    a DBA??? DETC accredited doctorates? that IS interesting.
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    I don't know, sorry.
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    Accredited by whom - DETC?? I thought that CCU dropped their Doctorate programs the first time around due to DETC restrictions. That this rule changed, or is CCU pursuing RA status??

    - Tom

    P.S. Prior to receiving accreditation through DETC, CalCoast offered several Doctorates, including the DBA. (Circa June 21, 2000) - Click on the "Degree Programs" button (gotta love web design circa 2000!).

    - Tom
  5. Anthony Pina

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    Perhaps some informed party can provide us with an update on DETC's doctoral pilot plans. I know that some of our Degreeinfo colleagues have been keeping track of that.
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    Re: Re: CCU hoping to have doctoral programs by end of 2006

    Yes, DETC.

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    My understanding is that DETC will allow doctoral pilot programs to be initiated in 06 and most likely I would imagine that all previous doctoral students with CCU will need to be out of the system prior to their initial beginnings of the program. I could be wrong and it could be speculation, but it seems logical.

    I am looking forward to seeing the results of the doctoral program with CCU and may just stick with them for another degree program in the future.
  8. Rich Douglas

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    CCU doctorates in 2006? No. They're not part of the pilot, and the pilot hasn't even started yet. DETC would have to decide to admit more schools before much of the pilot was even done. Doubtful. But stranger things.....
  9. simon

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    I have learned that CCU is currently planning to offer a Psy. D in Psychology and a DBA in the latter part of 06 obviously contingent on final approval by DETC. As of this time CCU appears to be quite optimistic regarding this possibility.

    If CCU does offer the Psy.D it will be interesting to observe its level of acceptance by various state Psychology Boards of licensure. Very interesting.
  10. Jack Tracey

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    This is a good point. A PsyD isn't worth much unless it carries with it the ability to obtain licensure. Others will know better than I about this but my overall impression is that these licensing boards have a strong tendency toward conservatism and I'd be a bit surprised if they simply gave these folks the green light to take the licensing exam. Maybe this has already been worked out. Anybody know?
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    I would be very surprised if any state board would grant a license to a DL graduate. An internship, supervision, etc., must be part of the degree program.

    Also, I don't think the APA will approve DETC programs in psych.

    Could be wrong, however, been wrong many times and surprised a decillion times.
  12. simon

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    Although no one can accurately predict, I believe that such a degree will be met with significant resistance by state boards of licensure. This is due to the fact that the psychology profession has a very strong lobbying presence and will probably not be too happy with a DETC degree enabling graduates to be licensed to practice. In addition, the fact that a number of states currently only license individuals with an APA approved doctorate in Psychology does not portend well for a DETC accredited doctorate resulting in licensure. Such a doctorate may well be perceived as not being on par with APA standards. However, only time will tell the bottomline on the viability of such a degree in meeting licensure requirements.
  13. Rob Coates

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    I would quess that a DETC accredited Psy.D. would be geared toward mid-career professionals, those that already have some sort of certification or licensure. It would probably fill the same niche as the previous CCU CA approved Psy.D. did. I couldn't imagine that the licensing boards in most states would accept a 100% distance learning DETC accredited doctorate for licensure as a clinical psyc. The exception might be California.
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  14. simon

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    It appears that there are four DETC approved schools that are currently participating in the doctoral pilot project and CCU is not one of them. This means that IF DETC recieves approval from the US department of Ed. to approve doctoral programs CCU will probably not be allowed to offer this degree because a school is required to be DETC accredited for at least two years prior to their being eligible to offer the doctorate. Unless this rule is modified, it does not seem likely that CCU will be offering this degree as has been implied in 06, unless there is a modification of this rule.
  15. RobbCD

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    Which four DETC schools are particpating in the doctoral pilot project?
  16. simon

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    The specific schools names were not provided. Perhaps Rich Dougla or John Bear may be privy to this information.
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    Source please, thanks!
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  19. simon

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  20. japhy4529

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    What About UNISA?

    Just curious. Why is UNISA allowed to offer Doctorates, when they are also accredited by DETC? I understand that this is a foreign school, however why would DETC bend the rules for them?

    - Tom

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