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    Looking for some advice. I attended Capella University from 2012 'til 2016 to pursue and Ed.D. in Leadership and Management. I was in the dissertation phase of the program. Capella University conducted an Academic Withdrawal because I didn't register for classes for a couple of semesters (Father died, niece died, feeling overwhelmed)... I contacted Capella University today to see what I needed to do to finish college. They just sent an email stating that the graduation requirements have changed and want me to basically take everything over again! Any suggestions out there?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    You can appeal if you did not violate any policies, such as have you reached the max number of years for completion? Typically each university requires minimum 3 years and maximum 5, 7, or even 10 years to complete your Doctorate. Did you request a leave of absence during those time? Most universities require applying for leave of absence in order to stay in the program.

    If you did not violate any of its program and school policies, then it sounds Capella wants more money from you.
  3. decimon

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    See if another school will accept more of the Capella coursework than Capella will?
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    Thanks Tekman. I will begin the formal admissions process next week. They will review my transcripts to determine if and which courses they will accept. I will take your advice and appeal their decision if they refuse to accept all of my coursework.
  5. bjoe777

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    Thanks decimon! That will be Plan B.
  6. Bruce

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    Find another school.
  7. bjoe777

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    I'm trying to avoid starting over again, but that might be Plan C.
  8. Jan

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    Prior to taking any actions, it would be helpful to clarify several issues.

    At the time of your withdrawal, did you apprise the appropriate parties at Capella of the personal issues necessitating your taking leave?

    If so, what was their response?

    Is there a specific timeframe in Capella's withdrawal policies indicating when a student who takes leave needs to return to avoid losing their completed course credits thereby requiring retaking the same coursework upon their return?
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    Yes I did inform them of my personal issues. However, they didn't seem too concerned. Apparently there is a time frame limiting the amount of time a student can take leave, however I wasn't informed of this... This is another question, I will ask them on Monday during our conference call.
  10. Jan

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    Unfortunately, it appears that you did not obtain specific information at the time you took leave and did not obtain anything in writing relating to your right to return within a specific timeframe. Btw, did you obtain the name of the party at Capella who did not appear to be concerned?

    Imo, I would not be thinking about repeating the courses you have already completed but would take your situation to the executive office of this school, make a strong but polite case for why you should be allowed to continue in the program. If they are not open to your appeal, then you may wish to bring this matter to the attention of the regionally accreditation agency and explain the circumstances leading to your leaving Capella and the fact that you were not provided with the caveats in writing at the time of your departure.
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    That all sounds about right to me. The only thing I would add it that typically you can find all these policies on the school website. Frequently they're somewhere in the middle of some big PDF file. Usually there's a revision date on the document. Knowing the rules is a good thing.
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    The above listed ABD completion programs are a more appropriate fit for you, as opposed to returning to Capella, where they want you to re-take their courses for a second time. That's asinine (but it's understandable from Capella's viewpoint). Capella is okay for those starting from scratch, but under your described circumstances, it is not a viable option for you. Drop Capella and move on to more appropriate options that fit your unique situation. No matter what you choose, it will be expensive and rigorous with high attrition rates.
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    Imo, I wouldn't capitulate so expeditiously. There is no harm, and much to gain, if you initially attempt to workout this situation wirh Capella. I believe that you may have more success speaking directly with a member of the executive staff of Capella than you would with an admissions counselor or another lower rung school representative.

    If you can show substantive reasons for leaving the program, that you were told there was no concern regarding returning by one of the school's representatives, it is possible that they may allow you to complete the doctoral program. The fact that the passing of two relatives precipitated your not completing the doctoral program may result in exceptions to Capella's policies.Imo, it's worth a try.

    Btw, what was your GPA at Capella?
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  16. bjoe777

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    My GPA at Capella is a 4.0.

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