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    Not-so-nice, but we have to accept the facts. The overriding message is that University isn't for everybody - but we keep sending everybody. There will come a breaking point - or maybe it's already here. And not just in Canada.
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    People look at the negative numbers and rush to blame the schools, but they never consider that many of those students probably didn't belong in a college program in the first place even if it was an open enrollment or high acceptance rate program.
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    For one thing, I'd expect the National Post to take a dim view of academia.

    Either way, though, doesn't Canada have fewer colleges and universities per capita than the U.S. does? Perhaps they might be better positioned to weather changes in the climate of higher education?
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    I echo Steve; the National Post view on academia. Canada used to have Universities and Polytechnics; you couldn’t get a degree at a poly but you could study some of the same things...the difference being that at Uni you had to take a general studies / humanities component. Even computer geeks had to make their way through some history, literature, etc.

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