Can Aspen University Survive?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Randy Miller, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Besides Walden, other schools in the "Laureate International Universities" family include:

    - Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (RPI), in Saudi Arabia

    - Université Internationale de Casablanca (UIC), in Morocco

    Laureate apparently sponsors international exchange programs. In theory, Walden students may have opportunities to visit their sister institutions overseas, though I don't know if this is widely used in practice.
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    With all due respect, there is no hidden agenda nor i represent any schools. I have been associated with Degreeinfo for a very long time and wish only the best to all the members and visitors to the site seeking information. Its my personal opinion expressed over here. I do believe that MOST of these .COM schools/businesses are operating for quick/easy money/profits. I can confidently say this as i have attended about 4 online schools in the past 8 years and couple of RA/B&M/Public schools offering online programs. My experience is not very satisfactory with .COM schools.
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    Aspen's not a .COM, but I see where you're going. Weren't you the one who got stuck with the poor MSIT program? I can see not wanting to go back to Aspen or another DETC school due to that experience (aka "once bitten, twice shy")-- but would it be possible other students fared better than you did? I seem to hear nothing but good things about Aspen's and CalCoast's MBA programs, for example.
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    If Aspen's programs fit somebody's needs, thay can go ahead with it. But we are here to give unbiased replies and talk about any good/bad experiences with the schools so that others will make an educated choice. As i have told here many times, its my personal opinion based on experience. Others might have different ones.
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    Hi Mathew, I am half into your Ed.D, kinda worried over such posts, thank goodness for your clarifications.

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    The right question is not its survival? It is the survival in the current management model. It will survive in a different model next year. It is a reputed school. Some may have find short cuts in their education effort. But most did it with dedication to learn something not to get credentials.

    Why not question what has it achieved in the long run? There are many outstanding people who has thrived in Aspen and that is a fact that no one can hide.
    I have interviewed people from top notch schools having MBA and if you listen to them you really don't think the money and effort they have spent has made any good on them
    Then there is the thousand pound gorilla, the world of academia, nothing to do with corporate economics and goals, where people spend as much there time as they want on research, some productive some not so.

    So try not to look from which door they are coming out , just focus on who is coming out that door. The measure of productivity numbers don't tell a lie. That all that matters in he corporate world.

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    OK, so I'm out of the Zen garden now and it seems that Aspen is still alive. Overall that's a good thing, I guess. They figured out a way to pay their bills and attract enough interest to keep themselves in the black for a while. As for "reputable" I guess I'll let that slide. It depends on your definition. On the one hand it's a low-tier DEAC school that has decent prices and some relatively common degree offerings. On the other hand, I haven't seen any scandalous headlines or arrest reports implicating Aspen in any nefarious activities. I'd call it "OK" and probably suggest to the interested reader that they take a peek at Fort Hays, or Peru State as RA alternatives.
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    They sure can, as long as they all (administrators, staff, student and alumni) sing in unison:

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    HAHA! I just watched "The Replacements" this weekend.

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