California Southern new Regionally Accredited (as of 21 June) WASC

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  1. Mdtrey12

    Mdtrey12 New Member

    Looks like Cal Southern is now fully RA, by WASC.

    They applied back in 2012:

    California Southern University Applies for Accreditation With the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

    Approved in Jun 2015:

    California Southern University | WASC Senior College and University Commission

    Now shows up on their website:

    Accredited Online Degrees | Accredited Online Degree - California Southern University

    This now means that there are RA online degrees from $250 to $400 a CR here.

    Online RA DBA: Approx. $23K
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, we heard that news a little while ago. Good news for all concerned.
  3. Mdtrey12

    Mdtrey12 New Member

    Thanks Kiz,

    I tried to sift through the posts to find some updated info before I posted....

    What's the overall consensus?
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    SCUPS. But I guess they're better now.

    Glad to see more DEAC schools get RA. Looks good.
  5. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Well, if they'd ever apologized for the time (long ago) when they copied a page from my book, changed it to make it seem as if I was saying more positive things about them, re-typeset it, and sent it out as part of their marketing package, then I would have a happier feeling.

    Water over the bridge. I'm letting go. Congratulations to them. And good for WASC, too, which had a long history of showing little interest in schools with distance or online programs.
  6. dkearby1982

    dkearby1982 New Member

    I am a current student there and am loving the education. Faculty and staff are awesome. I attended a large state university for my bachelor's and master's and did 4 years of a clinical social work PhD at a highly respected program in Chicago and I find CalSouthern's education to be quite good. The one thing that frustrates me is they let in students that have no business in a doctoral program. Some of these students can't even write a coherent paragraph. I emailed my instructor about this and he said it tends to even itself out. I can't imagine them getting passed the dissertation phase.

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