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    Interviewer: "I see your Doctorate is from Bradley U. What was the subject of your dissertation?"
    Applicant: "None was required - but I did earn 15 credits in research."
    Interviewer: "If a dissertation wasn't required, what were the 15 credits for?"
    Applicant: "Preparation. So I can say 'No, I didn't write a diss, but I know how, if I ever have to.' "
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  3. SteveFoerster

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  4. Dustin

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    It's a 7 semester program and you do complete "in-depth action research project." The course descriptions for ENC 703 to 707 seem to mirror normal dissertation steps of proposal, literature review, data collection, analysis, and writing/presentation. It's unclear if what they're proposing is an EdD applied dissertation that they're calling an action research project to avoid scaring students away, or if it is qualitatively different from the dissertation you'd complete in another program.
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  5. Futuredegree

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    Just something I found and thought I’d share. I know some people don’t like programs without dissertations.
  6. Rich Douglas

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    For those without a clue, read the course descriptions. You will see that the courses guide students through a research project that appears to be comparable to that expected at the end of a professional doctorate.
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    I see your point but this program seems to be geared towards prospect academic administrators. This is part of credential inflation, I don't really need a EdD to become an academic adviser, educational administrator, etc but people are getting them just to stand out. Most of these professionals will never do research after graduation but just need the EdD letters in front of their names.
  8. Dustin

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    This reminds me that when I was in the Chamber of Commerce world, I was part of a Facebook group for other Chamber professionals, mostly CEOs/Executive Directors. On a discussion of the credentials that would be most valuable for someone looking to move to a bigger Chamber, a Board Chair noted that when screening resumes for a CEO position they were surprised how many applicants had MBAs. Someone wrote that they got an EdD, and the Chair took them down a peg when they noted they see lots of those too, and mostly from people who can't articulate how their EdD actually makes them a better fit for the work of leading a Chamber.

    I think even a DBA or PhD in Business Admin would run into the same issue, if you aren't really intentional during your program to develop the skills you need for the kind of work you want to do (which is probably not going to be 100% research.)

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