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    I guess they love Magic Mike in American Samoa.
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    Bloomberg's out. (After spending $500 million of his own money and flooding the airwaves with his ads, which only won him American Samoa.)

    He just endorsed Biden. I expect that most of his supporters will swing to Biden, since both seem to appeal to the more traditional sort of Democrat.

    Now it will be interesting to see what Elizabeth Warren does. She's more in the left-lane and I suspect that many of her supporters will shift to Bernie.

    Edit: Vonnegut just ninja'd me with that news.
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    One of my six year olds just asked for a grappling hook the other day. He believes he is a ninja, while his brother thinks that's crazy - you have to be at least 11 to be a ninja, duh. I asked why he needed it, and he said, "just to be prepared". Had a proud dad moment there...
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    His face is covered but I'd guess he's at least 11 years old.
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    I totally called it back in November:

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    I agree that Bloomberg was a long shot. It was not that long of a long shot though, IMHO. What the Bloomberg campaign was counting on was two things developing.

    1. Democrats were primarily concerned with making Trump a one term President.
    2. No one would emerge that would be a strong challenger to Bernie Sanders.

    The two principles looked very likely until after South Carolina. South Carolina nullified the second.

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