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    While there's no doubt that Bloomberg has the financial capital, network, and management skills to run a a strong campaign. As evidenced by his late entrance rise in the national rankings. However I'm still under the notion that outside of the liberal bastions... he's a horrible candidate choice for someone that can appeal across the electoral college.

    Choosing an Anti-Gun campaign advertisement during the Superbowl.

    Stating that farmers and machinist don't use 'grey matter' like info techs.

    Long history of racist policies.

    Long history of sexual harassment and mistreatment of woman... since back to his Salomon days.

    I'm simply confused. Outside of those who live in a few liberal districts or are being paid to be his friend, does anyone actually believe he makes a strong candidate? One that can win the independents, middle class, mid-western state

    He's the only primary contender who literally has more sexual harassment allegations than... this guy...

  2. Stanislav

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    Frankly, I'm baffled too. The best thing you could say about Bloomberg is he'll be a vast improvement over Trump, but that's about it. It looks like he just tries to throw a lot of money at the campaign; it seems to work, too, to some extent.
    He's my least favourite "top tier" candidate other than maybe Bernie. So yeah, it's a strategy I guess: buy himself 2nd place behind Sanders with all the ads, wait for everyone else to drop out, and harvest the "moderate" vote. Blegh.
  3. Kizmet

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    My hope is that when he loses the nomination he'll throw his zillions of dollars towards the winner.
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    My view is that the answer to the question as to why Bloomberg is getting any traction must be viewed within the following context. People are single focused on the need to make Trump a single term President. All other considerations become significantly less important.
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    Sneering at farmers and machinists, while essentially calling them stupid and dismissing them as inferiors, isn't exactly going to help him win the working class voters that the Democrats are losing and desperately need.

    Actually, farming is a combination of business administration (hr, management, marketing, accounting, finance...) and applied biological science (everything from plant pathology to veterinary medicine). Plus more specialized stuff like food processing and farm machine mechanics. It's hard to imagine an occupation that requires a broader skillset.

    And anyone who has followed SpaceX's construction of their Starships has seen manufacturing technology like metal cutting, forming and welding to precise tolerances. Imagine the precision that goes into Raptor rocket engine turbopumps. It's both science and artistry.

    Bloomberg can sneer all he likes, but I expect that he'd be totally worthless on a farm or welding 150 feet high in a Boca Chica boomlift.

    Even worse, his rhetoric sends a clear message about where he stands regarding the ongoing deindustrialization of America. He's been one of its leaders, one of its loudest champions.

    I think that this guy has already had his politically disastrous "deplorables" moment. Bernie (to say nothing of Trump) won't let voters forget it. You don't win elections by insulting the people you need to vote for you.
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    Sure, sure, this is totally unacceptable. OTOH, there is no political or moral cost in demeaning journalists, "liberal academia", immigrants, immigrants from "sh****** countries", "Mexicans", and members of a world religion. These people had it coming, and anyway don't have feelings like we real people do, right? Right???

    Having said that: yep, this shows a weakness of Bloomberg as a candidate. I think there is an inherent contradiction in being a politician and also an owner-CEO; two different mindsets. Both in running and in governing. If he gets elected, I hope he can overcome it, mostly; he's not a stupid man. Still, maybe it's not a good idea to elect another private sector boss, even if this one is a real billionaire? Also, are we sure this weakness won't cost Democrats in general; Trump at least can compensate for his faulty instincts by his skills as an entertainer and his willingness to lie through his teeth.
  8. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Whataboutism aside, yes, it's exactly because of this that the Republicans are facing a demographic tide that consign them to permanent minority party status.

    The problem with Bloomberg isn't that he's rich, the problem is that he's indifferent towards civil liberties and wants to run everyone else's life, which is hardly a failing found only among the wealthy. (Or among progressives, for that matter.)
  9. Stanislav

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    I didn't say "wealthy"; I said "owner/CEO". I'm not sure I can explain it; it looks like he is too focused on "efficiency" at the expense on how it's achieved ("end justifies means") and is not so inclined to listen to anyone else - doesn't need to in his own firm. Private business is not exactly democratic (and, in competitive environment, maybe doesn't need to be). Again, he can overcome it, to a degree, most of the times (I hope!) - but it's not the best attitude for a democratic leader.

    Could Democrats have found a nominee without glaring weaknesses? In rational world, it wouldn't matter compared to the steaming pile of vice that's DJT; sadly we don't live in that world. I mean, current frontrunner is Bernie. Sigh. I agree with most of his stated policies (mostly), and do not doubt his basic honesty - yet the guy still worries me. For one, he was on the wrong side of 98-2 and 96-4 votes on sanctions against Russia (I bet you like this; I certainly don't). Also, he's a doctrinaire. New thing: AOC (AOC, Carl!!!) just suggested that maybe they could compromise on Medicare for All, because settling on public option is better than nothing. Bernie said "nah, my plan is already a compromise". And he feels this way, about pretty much everything. Even Bloomberg will be more flexible - and he is, again, a lifetime owner/CEO.

    What do I do to get Clobuchar, or failing that, Pete, as President?
  10. SteveFoerster

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    It may interest you to know that those are my two least unfavorite Democrats in this particular race, although that's admittedly not really saying much.
  11. Stanislav

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    My theoretical favorite Democrat in this race is Warren, but I feel that she's unlikely to be elected. In selfish terms, the candidate better for my specific interests would be Biden, as the only one with interest and expertise on Ukraine. But who cares about that. This leaves me with Pete and Amy, each of whom would be a fine President. Screw Sanders and Blumberg both, and God Almighty save us from the scourge of Trump and GOP.
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    I think that the media is where all the money is really going.

    Also, Mike Bloomberg has been paying a handful of social media influencers to promote him.
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    Indeed. Ultimately, when it comes to Bloomberg's campaign, the good news is that he'll be half a billion dollars poorer, and the bad news is that the mainstream media will be half a billion dollars richer.
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    What happened?
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    The dog and pony show is always entertaining. Donald Trump is going to win though and I don't say that in support of Trump, it's just that I don't give much to false hope.
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    There’s a hyperlink in my post, the date section. It currently works for me. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you, I’ve noticed other problems with in text hyperlinks before and how the site is commercially pinging AdWords. The site uses an odd self-support/revenue generation model.
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    Oh, yes, it's there, my aging eyes just missed it!

    And wow.

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