Bill Grover?

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    Bill Grover frequently posted on DI until 2006. Does anyone have any updated info on Bill? Contact info?

  2. Johann

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    I think Bill would be of quite advanced years, now. I hope he's still with us. I'm 80 and I think he'd be past me by a bit. He was on faculty at SATS in South Africa. His linked-in Bio still shows him there. The latest post I can see from him at DI is in 2011. It's here:

    The linked-in profile also shows his home town - so you may want to check there. Good luck.

    BTW - Good to see you, RAM - been a few years, hasn't it? It's like the Mafia - you can never retire from the "Degree Gang." :)
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  4. MichaelGates

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    I think that may be wrong. Here is the obituary for the guestbook you linked to.

    This is from the SATS website.
    Bill Grover holds an MA in Religion (Point Loma Nazarene University), ThM in Biblical Studies (Western Seminary) and a DTh in Systematic Theology (University of Zululand). He is presently co-authoring a book with H. Wayne House, to be called Does God Feel Your Pain? Bill fellowships and teaches Sunday school at Grace Baptist Church in Salem, Oregon. He presently serves as postgraduate supervisor for the South African Theological Seminary.
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    Thanks, Michael. When I opened the Salem News Website, the Guestbook page was showing. In error, I missed the detailed obituary page. My apologies.
  6. Johann

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    I do believe, however, that Bill's writing, and the commentary on it, as printed in the SATS site date some years back - around 2013. I am presently unable to find him included in current Faculty listings on the SATS site. I seached the site for all references to his name, and all were concerned with past publications.

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