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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by nosborne48, Aug 31, 2023.

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    He's a lifelong Democrat whose entire career has been spent litigating environmental issues and minority rights, who Obama considered appointing to head the EPA, and who has repeatedly spoken out against corporatism. If you don't like some of the unscientific things he's said then I definitely don't blame you, but "Republican" is not a synonym for "I don't like him."

    She's a hippie who bounced around a bit in life until she found success as a New Age guru. (That's not a criticism, I bounced around a bit in life too!) Her platform is the furthest to the left, but not passing the edge of the mainstream. Her detractors paint her as a lunatic, which she isn't. When they mention her at all, the media tends to just report on what a longshot she is rather than on her actual positions, which does both her and voters a disservice.
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    No, she isn't. At Union, we called learners like this "the fringe." I think it gets amplified out of proportion when she runs for president because of the enormity of the role.
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    This is true for many, including RFK Jr. RFK Jr. is just a really bad politician. Perhaps even a worse politician than Rod DeSantis. Which is saying a lot.
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    I think you are correct. He supports the Green New Deal, a wealth tax, obviously his environmental record is strong and he endorsed Democrats from Hillary Clinton back.

    At the same time, his conspiracy theories frequently dovetail either with Republican beliefs or are amplified by conservatives so it's easy to see how he looks like a plant.
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