Better late than never!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by chrisjm18, Feb 14, 2023.

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  2. Johann

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    "Mathematical Sociology."

    "Dr Axten's research is a new theory for understanding human behaviour. It is based on the values each person holds, which Dr Axten believes has the potential to change the view of behavioural psychology."

    I think that's HUGE! What an accomplishment! So much potential good. Congratulations - and thanks - to Dr. Axten.

    @chrisjm18 - Thanks also to Chris. Great find!
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  3. Dustin

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    Off topic, but that's a new profile picture. Is that you? Dashing hat.
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  4. sideman

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    He has that Austin powers look going on in the 60's.
  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Definitely me. I wrote the story in the "Fashion Doctorates" thread today. It's from my new, free, bus pass. that "they" give you when you turn 80. They call it "Golden Age" - so let my Golden Age begin. I guess. Now, where's that gold..

    And the hat? It has a story. They're a wool blend and were originally something crazy like $65 (I kept the tag) and went through serial markdowns to $2! I bought a lifetime supply - three of them! I'm wearing cap #1. My son's wife really liked it on him -- so I gave him one for his Christmas stocking. Cap #1 takes to cleaning well and has served me for a few years. Cap #3 is a spare -never worn so far. $6 for all 3.
  6. Johann

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    Your pic? That's not Austin! That's ME. From my wedding pics in 1966! Where'd you get it, Sideman? :(
  7. Rich Douglas

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    I started my PhD at Union in 1986. I finished in 2002. Pretty high-speed compared to that guy!
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  8. Johann

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    Dr. Rich Douglas, 1986-2002 - 16 years. (PhD Non-Traditional Education)
    Dr. Brian May, 1971-2007 - 36 years. (PhD Astrophysics)
    Dr. Nick Axten, 1970-2022 - 52 years. (PhD Mathematical Sociology)

    All three - successful in Doctoral programs and fine careers. Congrats to all. Persistence is everything! Not speed! :)
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  9. Rich Douglas

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    That second dude had a much, much better excuse.
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    Hm. Doesn't look particularly CANADIAN though. No ear flaps.
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  11. nosborne48

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    Hm. Doesn't look particularly CANADIAN though. No ear flaps.
  12. Johann

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    Got 'em. Different hat - I have a few. Ear flaps on the one I call my North Korean Army hat. Ugly. Fake leather. Small metal star on the front. But when it gets below about -15 C, those ear flaps are the only thing that'll save me from frostbite. Another $3 special.

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