Bethany Divinity College Now Boasting AAHEA Accreditation

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  1. RAM PhD

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    Bethany Divinity College/Seminary is now boasting accreditation with the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation. Per the Bethany website, the school was granted candidate status on March 2, 2013, then full accredited status only two and a half months later on May 24, 2013 (Bethany Divinity College and Seminary :: Accreditation). Persons who have already graduated from Bethany can be grandfathered into accreditation by taking two additional courses.

    AAHEA is not a CHEA or USDOE recognized accreditor.

    Some schools are always trying to boast what appears to be legitimate accreditation. :scratchchin:
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  2. Johann

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    There's a 15-page thread on AAHEA over on the other forum. The story from there is that AAHE (a legit accreditor of 140 years' standing) ran into financial difficulties and languished. New operators pretty much saw fit to "take over" the organization, even managing to get the AAHE's old phone number. What was left of the original organization was too flat on its back financially to mount any defensive tactics or court action.

    The new guys called themselves AAHEA and said they were successors to the 140-year-old AAHE. Well, that's what they said, anyway! They began "accrediting" schools and moved the whole shebang to Missouri - home of present AAHEA head, Dr. Stephen Barnhart, a person associated over the years with several unaccredited schools, including European Continental University, Personal Branding University and The International University - formerly of Missouri, now licensed as a private university in Panama.

    One of the schools AAHEA has "accredited" is University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT) on Montserrat, which incorporates a Medical School. That school, which is owned by Dr. Orien Tulp, a retired Drexel professor, has not only AAHEA but also ASIC accreditation. We have some longish threads with controversial discussions of both ASIC and USAT.

    Suffice it to say that, as RAM PhD has already pointed out, AAHEA is not a CHEA -recognized accreditor - NA or RA.

    Here's its web-page. You will note that it appears to have added the word "non-governmental" to its rubric, in very small letters.

    AAHEA (American Association of Higher Education and Research)

    Here is a picture of Dr. Barnhart, at USAT's AAHEA accreditation ceremony. Its the fifth picture from the top.


    Here's another pic of Dr. Barnhart, with a different hair color, in his other business role. :smile:

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  3. Johann

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    Funny, how people migrate between controversial organizations! Former AAHEA Executive VP, "Doc" Brady, is now a professor on the faculty of Dr. Tulp's Medical school, USAT - mentioned above. Here's his Linked-in bio. Note how "Doc" sees himself as rescuing AAHE in its financial distress!

    Dr. (Doc) Brady | LinkedIn

    "Doc" mentions in his bio that he is a retired Chief of Detectives. Here's an article on some extracurricular um-police work in his home town. It is important to note that all charges against "Doc" were subsequently dropped. :smile:

    Dennis Brady, 58, of Reddick, was arrested Friday on charges of impersonating an officer and carrying a prohibitive weapon, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office reported. |

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  4. Delta

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    If you scroll halfway down the web page, you see a picture of a Doctor of Medicine Diploma. Wow! Looks like a certificate of appreciation I received back in elementary school for selling cookies at the bake sale. I mean, really? A medical student takes four years and spends six digits in tuition and that's the best you can come up with? I certainly wouldn't display it in a Physician's office! Maybe in a mechanic garage next to my brakes, shocks and tire certifications.
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  5. Johann

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    You get what you get. A school with double-bogey accreditation - AAHEA and ASIC. I'll bet the owner's Russian MD from the "Mahatma" school, IUFS, looks better! Oops, there I go again - "crap-spewing" as you called it. :sad:

    Some day - when I can be bothered - I'll write a short history of USAT - including:

    (1) its former "accreditation" by the "Central States Consortium" - an unrecognized "accreditor" owned by the proprietor of the widely-known Breyer State U. - of Idaho, Alabama, Idaho again, then California and now Panama.

    (2) the former "Articulation Agreement" with Breyer State - a student who earned an unaccredited Pre-med degree from BSU could be admitted to the MD program at USAT Why not? Back then, they were both "accredited" by the same unrecognized "Central States Consortium, " owned by the BSU management.

    (3) the "Doctor of Osteopathy to MD" program. For around $25K, a D.O. could partake in a few-week cram-session for the USMLE, on the Montserrat campus of USAT. Subsequent success in the USMLE resulted in the award of an MD diploma from USAT. That was a few years ago.

    (4) the history of the pre-Montserrat USAT (England)

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  6. Johann

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    But certainly not next to your Nursing qualifications, your APRN credentials or your Master's - right, Delta? :smile:

    BTW - In a complete coincidence, the owner of Breyer State apprears to have legit Nursing credentials:

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Youngstown State University. Youngstown, Ohio. 1984.
    Certificate- Nurse Practitioner. Emergency/Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program. Allegheny General Hospital and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 1982.
    Diploma in Nursing. Trumbull Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. Warren, Ohio. 1979.

    Here's his resume, from Dr. George Gollin's site at UIUC:

    Here's the Wiki on Breyer State:

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  7. Johann

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    Other schools attended by Dr. Flarey:

    California Coast University - unaccredited at the time doctorate was awarded (1992). DETC long afterwards (2005)
    Columbia Pacific U. (Ph.D.) - never accredited, ordered closed pursuant to litigation around 2000.
    University of Metaphysics - unaccredited. A few months, a few hundred dollars -- you know how it is!
    Canyon College - formerly "accredited" by "Central States Consortium" - Breyer-owned, CSC also "accredited" Breyer. Canyon College could not enrol students from its own State (Idaho.) Its Degree programs have long ceased.

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  8. Delta

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    USAT's graduates are obviously passing USMLE, residency and gaining a license to practice! I simply commented that the diploma looks like a piece of crap! Many States allow license holders to purchase a ceremonial certificate with the State's seal for display. Yes, it appears USAT has an interesting history but I'm not convinced they are a "bogus" school of medicine!
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  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Obviously? Well, if you say so.... Do you have any numbers?

    I'm not convinced one way or the other. I don't claim to know anything about medical schools. You probably know much more than I, but I do know:

    (1) it tried and failed to obtain mainstream accreditation
    (2) it has had at least three completely unrecognized "accreditors" - Central States Consortium, ASIC and AAHEA
    (3) it has had several ties with Breyer State. Any tie whatsoever with that school is too close for my liking
    (4) This old post deals with USAT, Breyer State and USAT operations at the uh..."Medical College of London."

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  10. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    We've heard this from you before. And here is a reply from that time - in this thread:

    When you made this same statement before, it was never proven correct. If you have something to substantiate the claim, this time - please share it with us. It is certainly not "obvious" to me.


    BTW - I'm more concerned with USAT's associations and history than overall legitimacy. But I do feel in this case that associations and history reflect poorly and tend to diminish legitimacy.
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  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Clarification: When you (Delta) made this statement (about USAT grads passing USMLE, residency etc.) it was never proven correct.

  12. ramy mohamed

    ramy mohamed member

    THanks alot
  13. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    From a post about USAT from 2011 by "RossMDxxxx" on the ValueMD Forum:

    "There is no mention anywhere on the website of where their graduates obtain residency... or how many actually graduate. And I love when under accreditation, schools put down that their students are able to sit for the USMLE... which essentially means absolutely nothing! This school isn't even listed anywhere on the California medical board (approved/disapproved/or otherwise). Schools like this give Caribbean/offshore schools a bad name!"

    There was quite a bit more from this poster - who, I assume from his "handle" is an MD grad of a very good Caribbean School. (Ross). :smile:

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  14. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    I'm not going to argue that USAT has a piece of crap looking diploma, substandard accreditation and a horrible website... That is obvious! The fact is one can go to the IMED website and see them listed as an acceptable medical school with graduates eligible to take the United States Medical License exam (USMLE). Another fact is States accept or reject your application for a medical license based on a variety of things including attempts to take the USMLE, where you did your clinical rotations, curriculum,etc. Many States look at he California list! A graduate may not get licensed in every State in the USA but they are still eligible in many States but the mere fact it is listed in IMED. So yes, graduates have a shot at becoming a US licensed Physician regardless of your opinions!
  15. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    In order to do a Physician search you have to go to the residency page of the program they are attending or the state license search page or the NPI database. The website link you provided mentions a physician I found listed on the NPI site in Brooklyn NY, it says he has a student in training license:

    If you have some names of graduates one can look it up! Obtaining a residency today is very difficult even for US graduates ofMD and DO schools so going to a foreign school is a poor option in the first place!
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  16. Delta

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  17. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Great. Glad we see those points the same way. And you've done enough to prove that despite all points against USAT, it is possible that a few individuals may make it through, complete a residency and become doctors.

    It's similar to saying that despite U. of Atlanta's history and substandard accreditation etc., a few people graduate from its business programs and become adept and credible managers.

    Or, maybe, saying that despite X Bible College's horrible website, lack of meaningful accreditation and some faculty with suspect degrees, a few grads become caring pastors and inspiring church leaders.

    When students make it through any of these circumstances, it's more a tribute to them as individuals than to the school.

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  18. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    In regards to medical school, one could graduate the Sorbonne and still have a slim chance of getting a US residency in today's climate as a foreign medical student. It's simply too risky if you have intentions on returning to the USA. Medicare funds residency programs and it doesn't have funds to increase residency programs at this time. In regards to me "proving" you deserve the credit because you provided the link to some graduates. My guess is that a very few USAT graduates are obtaining a residency unless they have superb USMLE scores like this person!
  19. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Success under these conditions says a lot about the person involved.

  20. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    aww ... too bad, so sad ... i wasnted an unaccredited 36 hr. Master of Arts in Divinity. Sounds like a cool degree title ... and i might have even used my MADiv as prereq to starting my own church and even starting my own religious exempt seminary, which the Libertarian Steve once told me i could open for $500 IN VA.

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