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  1. 2peaches2oranges

    2peaches2oranges New Member

    I am just getting back to school and I read lots of different articles but I do not plagerize, I try to put everything into my own words, but I would like to check before I send it to the professors.

    Any suggestions? They need to work with MS Word 7.

  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    How about you paste the text here and someone with access to can check it.
  3. Kizmet

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  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I'm unclear on the concept. If you write something yourself, then what is the point of checking it for plagiarism?

    That said, is free and comprehensive checking site.

    And here's a helpful article on using Google as a plagiarism-checking device. Diploma mill 'detectives' often use that to discover where a mill has swiped the text for its website. I'm not clear on how many words can be typed/pasted into the Google search box.

    Google search hits for "plagerism" - - 15,100
    Google search hits for "plagiarism: - - 6,530,000
    There a lesson in this somewhere.
  5. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    If you are *really* putting things into your own words, then you aren't plagiarizing, and there's no need to run your paper through a plagiarism detector.

    You can even use quotes or sections of other people's writing as long as you identify it appropriately and cite it.

    I agree with John, I really can't see a valid reason to run your original writing through a plagiarism detector, unless either you're buying papers from someone and want to check to see if they'll fail a plagiarism detector, or you're lifting substantial portions of other people's work without attribution.
  6. 2peaches2oranges

    2peaches2oranges New Member

    Thanks for the info

    Every email we get from the professor seems to mention plagiarism. I guess I am getting paranoid. I am reading the textbook, but sometimes I will go on Google to search for a more elementary description of a topic I am writing about, so I am not copying word for word from them but I am blending the ideas together.

    I guess I am just a little paranoid and working up my confidence on writing papers again.
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  7. Griffin

    Griffin Crazy About Psychology

    I check a lot of my articles with CopyScape before publishing. It spits out a percentage of uniqueness because realistically few things are 100% unique. It's the same sort of concept, and I don't plagiarize anything (much less school work).

    I know what you mean about professors, half of the class notices mention plagiarism -- there have been a couple that almost come out and say that he will behead you and walk around with your head on a stick if he even suspects an out-of-place citation. My first paper with him had 13 references LOL.

    Just cite a lot of stuff and you'll be okay. I use Google Scholar to find suitable citations and Son of Citation Machine to create the citations. It must be working fine because I've got an A so far. Just relax and not really worry about it.
  8. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    honestly I think the issue is that plagiarism is at epidemic proportions, and professors hope that by constantly harping on it, perhaps students will get the message that they'll get caught... even though it seems that many of them try anyway.
  9. 2peaches2oranges

    2peaches2oranges New Member

    Who has access to

    I just finished my first class. We had to send everything to at the end of the course. I checked it first before turning it in free plagiarism sites I found and it came in at 3.4%/7%.

    The professor for the class just sent out an email to all 329 students in the class that there was a high incidence of plagerism from the class according to turnitin. I feel she is not directly talking to me, but I would like to send my work to someone because I hope she is not talking about me! I thought I was very careful about quoting and citing.

    So if anyone is able, PM me and I will send you the file or cut and paste the work. Thank you!
  10. dl_mba

    dl_mba Member

    The best way to avoid Plagiarism is to design the class to have more emphasis on online tests(timed eg: 50 questions/90 minutes) and less than 25% of the grade based on the papers. Participation in the Online discussion and online-interactive class at a specific time will prove very helpful. The new Finance classes in TAMUC are designed with all the above components.

    This will force the students to read the book completely and carefully and prepare notes. Also the research paper portion will teach them how to search for journal articles on Online Library read them and cite them on their papers in APA format.

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