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    I don't see where the Emporia MS in I/O Psychology may be completed online?? Perhaps I just missed it.
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    That is because I am a dumb-ass and I spoke too soon based on a very vague recollection. Try again: I think I might have been recalling the master's in industrial & organizational psychology of Kansas State University . Right state, wrong university. Hopefully I'm not wrong a second time. :eek:
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    thank you for all the information. I'm really glad to be here.
    Just a few answers to the questions arisen.

    I graduated from University of Economics in Slovakia. Here in Slovakia you don't have a difference between college and university. Bachellor degree takes 3 years and another 2 to get a masters degree. Although university is ranked quite good, i had a major issue with it.
    The whole study gave me pretty nothing but degree itself. All I had to do was to memorize books ranging from 100 to 2000 pages and pass oral or written exam. Only theory, no real life examples, no case studies, just a boring theory -micro,macroeconomics,marketing,investing,etc for whole 5 years ...

    Regarding the psychogoly, I suppose, US are far ahead in the field itself. I don't remember the US school name but I've read some excerpts from the lectures and it interested me more than when I checked the local one.
    This is one of the reasons why I didnt apply for the local study. The other one is the teachers here are mostly too old and have been living in a different world than it is now.

    The more i'm thinking of my future life I would like to make a career change (i'm in IT sales now). Psychology has impressed me since I was a child. I see my future as to have a private practice (general/business/etc).

    Kizmet was right, I'm not from US so i need to better undestand the differences between your way of study, titles, etc ... And I hope, I can get the knowledge here.

    I really appreciate all the insights and hope more will come ;)

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    Hi Matt,

    If you are looking to become a licensed Psychologist, then I suggest that you check with your local government to see which schools you are permitted to attend. For example, if the Slovakian government simply states that you need to graduate from a legitimate (e.g. accredited, chartered, etc.) school, regardless of the country, then you have many options open to you. If however, you are restricted in the schools and programs that you are permitted to attend, then that is important to know up front.

    On the other hand, if you would like to become a non-licensed psychologist, then it may be possible to select whichever school best meets your needs.

    Regarding Slovakian training of psychologists, I found this presentation online that is specific to Comenius University, but appears to contain general information as well. I have no idea if it is valid or not. Might be a good starting point for you. But I would certainly follow up with an official source to confirm this information. According to this presentation, Slovakia follows the EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists' Association) standards for training future Psychologists. Not sure if this pertains to non-clinical (e.g. industrial/organizational) psychologists.

    Good Luck!
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    You should research what the requirements are to practice in the country where you want to work.
    For example in the UK the British Psychological Society provides regulations for chartered psycholgists:
    I note they have strict requirements on accepting non-UK degrees.

    A related area you might want to look at is engineering psychology or human factors/ergonomics (although I do not know of any distance degrees in this topic).

    Good luck in acheiving your goals.
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    Take it easy there, buddy! No need to be so hard on yourself! :) Thanks for the correction though. K-State does offer an MS I/O psych program, available (mostly) online.
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    Humbug. You're a very resourceful person who is only human.
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    Pacifica Graduate Institute offers an MA in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Depth Psychology.
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    It would be more useful for visitors to your site if you include direct links to universities and colleges instead of links to internal web pages. Also, your website is mostly composed of google ads, pop ups, and filled with redundant paragraphs. I would not be surprised if your website has spyware. I would reduce the google ads in your site, include relevant articles, actual links to universities and colleges, and news of interest to distance learners.
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    I'm putting together a web page with DL psych programs (undergrad and graduate). Mind if I "lift" the links that you've already posted on here? Of course you'll get proper credit on the site.

    BTW, my site will NOT contain any popups, although it will likely have some google ads, since I'll be using their new "google sites" service. I'll send out the URL when it's ready.

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    Along with ted's links, dantes has a listing of DL Psych programs. You could use this as an added resource. Good luck with your site.
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    I'm fine with that.
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    Hi Tom - With all due respect to Ted, I believe that some of those links are less than accurate. For example, I do not believe that London South Bank or Teeside have distance learning programs in psychology or maybe anything else. Check before you copy them.

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