B&M schools that offer DL doctorates with little to no residency

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    I have been following conversations and it has come up time and again that finding a B&M school that offers online doctorates is a good way to go if the person is intending to break into college level academia in the future. What I am wondering is if there is a list of brick and mortar schools who also have doctoral programs online with few residency requirements. I know there are quite a few that have doctoral programs with a DL component but I have yet to find too many that are well known brick and mortar schools that also have DL degrees at the doctoral level done almost entirely online. Thus far Nova Southeastern is the only school that I can find that is known more for being a B/M school but yet offers degrees at the doctoral level entirely through DL with very minimal residency requirements. It is clear obtaining a degree from this university would not automatically lead anyone to assume it was obtained through DL. It is very well known as a university people do attend live and in person so one would not assume anything about that degree. I'm looking for other universities with that same profile. The criteria though is that it has few residency requirements (although some is fine as long as it does not involve moving there for an entire semester). Technically I am still looking for a degree in Education at the doctoral level but I might be able to branch out into other areas that are somewhat related such as psychology since I have an undergrad degree in that.
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    U of Nebraska
    U of Maryland University College
    U of Phoenix (B&M way before it had an online division)
    A host of foreign schools

    There are probably others.
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    There are several excellent B&M schools that offer DL doctorates in Education, according to the US News E-learning search tool:

    Old Dominion
    New Mexico State
    University of North Carolina-Charlotte
    Pittsburg State (Kansas)
    Texas Tech
    Utah State
    University of South Dakota
    Northern Arizona
    North Carolina State-Raleigh
    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Another that's not mentioned by USN, but that I'm sure offers an EdD (and I think a PhD) in Education via distance is the University of Nebraska, and there's also Regwent University in Virginia, which I believe offers an online PhD in Education or Psychology or some sort of thing..

    Be aware that sometimes the USN guide is a bit out-of-date, not always perfectly accurate, and that some of the above programs may require that you attend satellite sites. On the whole, though, since your chosen field is education, I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find several good programs with minimal residencies from which to choose.


    Finally, no searcgh complete without checking out Jonnie's DL page. This page lists Texas A&M-Commerce as offering a DL PhD in Educational Psychology.

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    I am glad I asked this question. You are bringing up search tools I did not know existed. Thank you very much!!!!!!!
  5. Rich Douglas

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    Regent University (misspelled above)
    Liberty University
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    re: B&M with DL Ed doc

    A problem with the US News device is that it also includes schools with an intermediate higher "degree", EdS, with doctorates. Many of the schools listed offered a dl EdS but not doctorate.

    For Utah residents, there is a program at Utah State that:

    "At this time, our distance program serves only Utah students in rural areas of the state. We use a hybrid delivery that includes online, EdNet meetings, and on-campus delivery of course work.

    If you were at one of our sites in Utah the tuition would currently run a little over $11,000 for the 60 credits of required course work."
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    Sounds like you are in a very similar situation to me. I am also looking for an online doctoral program that requires very minimal residency requirements. So far, the only one I have found that seems acceptable is Nova Southeastern. I personally know someone who is finishing up her dissertation in the EdD Instructional Technology and Distance Education degree. She has had mainly positive experiences with the university and the courses. One warning she gave me was that not all her peers were lucky when being assigned dissertation advisors. However, the assigments are not written in stone and can be changed.

    I am looking into the Child, Youth and Human Services program. I saw that you are interested in a reading program. When I spoke to the CYHS counselor, she mentioned 6 specializations, not all of which are listed on the NSU website. One that she mentioned was Early Literacy and Reading. You may want to email her to verify. ([email protected]) She did tell me that the department is updating and revising some of the specializations, so possibly the reading one is new?
  9. Ted Heiks

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    1. Pepperdine offers an EdD in Educational Technology via DL.
    2. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary offers an EdD in Educational Leadership via DL.
    3. Does anyone know what ever happened to Columbia University's AEGIS (Adult Education Guided Independent Study) EdD?

    Sorry, while there are many DL doctorates in psychology, I couldn't find any that were from a primarily B & M school.
  10. Jack Tracey

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    Re: Re: B&M schools that offer DL doctorates with little to no residency

    It's here:
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    According to the Pepperdine website, their doctoral programs are 60% face to face instruction and 40% online. To me, this is not an online degree. Could just be because I am in Pennsylvania, though. :)
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    If you are looking to break into teaching at the university level, please be aware that the competition is very stiff. In addition to working on your doctorate, you will also need to work on the three areas of focus for most college faculty:

    1. Teaching
    2. Scholarship
    3. Service

    For teaching, look for any opportunity to gain experience teaching at the college level. This generally means teaching as an adjunct (part-time) faculty. When we hire new full-time faculty, we would not even consider someone who did not already have some teaching experience. This is not always part of the doctoral study program, especially in DL programs. It would be helpful if the candidate has both face-to-face and distance teaching experience.

    For scholarship, this means being a member of the major professional associations in your discipline, attending the conferences (to build a professional network of the people who would be hiring you), presenting at the conferences (so you can begin building a positive reputation in the field), conducting and publishing research and authoring grant proposals.

    For service, this would include volunteer work (including leadership positions) with community, school and professional groups.

    I have seen far too many unsuccessful faculty candidates who thought that getting a PhD or EdD was the only requirement for full-time employment, only to find themselves competing with others who possess vitas full of teaching, scholarship and service experience.

    Tony Pina
    Administrator, Northeastern Illinois University

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