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    I remember being an adjunct in developmental mathematics for more than 4 years at a community college. 2.5 out of those 4 years I was essentially a full time adjunct teaching 5 to 7 courses per semester while also tutoring part time with just a Bachelors degree. When Obama Care insurance came out here in the US, we were limited to 3 classes a semester with the occasional overload of a 4th class and within 2 years, I left teaching. As much as I would like to go back to teaching, I don't think it is feasible now unless I decide to move back in with my mom or earn multiple streams of income with several entrepreneurial projects that don't require a full time hourly load. It's sad that it takes all of these degrees only to make less than a fast food worker or janitor a year to teach as an adjunct especially when it is becoming less likely to get full time faculty work.
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    That's not unusual for a European business school. Virtually all business schools outside the English-speaking part of Europe offer courses in Business English, sometimes as part of the degree. Therefore, the English-speaking offerings of these schools very often include equivalent courses in the respective domestic language.
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    If I recall correctly, there are Scandinavian schools that offer instruction in English (perhaps doctoral level) and there are some Eastern European medical schools (Poland and Baltic) offering instruction in English (trying to attract the US, Canadian and elsewhere market).
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    That's true, but there are much more. For instance, there are also some medical schools in Hungary and Rumania offering instruction in English (and also in German, by the way).

    In Germany alone, there are at least 1679 degree programs with English as the language of instruction. (Source: ) This number does not include doctorates or degrees from other countries that are offered in Germany thru branch campuses or validation agreements. Unfortunately, only very few of these programs are online degrees, and not a single one of these online degrees is without tuition fees.
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    Just as a side-note, Poland isn't an Eastern European country, nor is Hungary. Both countries are in Central Europe.

    The idea that these countries are Eastern European goes back to the cold war, when both were part of the Eastern Bloc. By the same logic, the five eastern states of Germany (the area of former East Germany) would be Eastern European as well.
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    Ouch, I mean Romania of course. :rolleyes:

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