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    Once upon a time there was more discussion of distance learning at Australian universities and then the talk died down. Maybe it had to do with a shift in the exchange rates and maybe it had to do with the general increase in American programs but in any case we don't hear much about it anymore. I thought I'd create this thread in order to highlight those universities and their distance learning opportunities. The first one on my list is Charles Sturt University. There are quite a few offerings and it might be worth it to spend 5 minutes to scroll down the list of degrees/certs.

    Distance education - Charles Sturt University
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    I did. It was. Then I spent two minutes tracking the fees - and that took ALL the fun out of it. Over $1500 US for a single 8-point (3 credits, US) course. For much less than that, Americans can learn at a school that US employers might have heard of. Here in Canada, there are good distance schools where one could get 6 credits for that money. I think the enthusiasm waned as the prices waxed.

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    I think this is it more than anything else. The exchange rate is no longer favorable. Currently, 1 USD equals 1.35 AUD. Or, to look at it the other way around... 1 Australian Dollar equals
    0.74 US Dollars.
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    When I looked at such things in the late 1990s, the rate was 2:1. Also, the U.S.-based options--especially for doctoral study--weren't nearly as robust as today.
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    On an average day I have only the sketchiest idea of the fluctuation of exchange rates around the world. In general I find it to be an interesting idea even if it's a bit mystifying. Maybe someday I'll read a book or something on the subject or something. Maybe then I'll know if there's anyplace in the world that might have a favorable exchange rate with Australia and maybe the people in that country would be interested in Australian DL programs. One attractive thing about these schools is that they all seem to have a lot of grad and post grad certs and diplomas. Credentials you might not find anywhere else. This might make it worth the extra money. In any case, here's Edith Cowan University:

    ECU | Online Study
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    If we're looking for bargains in depressed currencies - that (and good quality) is what makes South African schools so attractive. Years ago, the S.A. rand was on par with the US dollar. Nowadays, it's about 10 to 1. Then again, if we're looking for bargains in worse-than-depressed (suicidal?) currencies, wait and see if anyone falls out of the Euro basket. Maybe time to prepare by taking Greek lessons? καλή ιδέα - good idea!

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    I learned a new term when visiting the Deakin University website. They don't say "distance learning". Neither do they use the term "online learning." They use the term "cloud study." Many of their degrees are available through cloud study and, of course, they offer a range of research degrees that do not require on-campus presence.

    Flexible study options
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    For goodness's sake, what a ridiculous attempt to glom on to a buzzword. But I suppose if there's anything academics can be trusted to do, it's to keep coming up with new terms for existing things....
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    Once upon a time I was told that the Australian National University was the most prestigious college in Australia. I don't know if that is or ever was true but they have just a handful of DL grad degrees and certs on offer.

    Online courses - ANU
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    Maybe they offer degrees in nephology - the study of clouds. Or is it nephrology -- no, that's kidneys, I think. :smile:

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    Didn't Deakin previously have DETC accreditation as well?
  14. Kizmet

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    Yes, they did. I didn't check to see if that's still the case or maybe, like UNISA, they let it go after a while.:dunno:
  15. I have heard that too but it really is only a matter of opinion. Others spoken of as being near the top include the University of Melbourne, Monash (also in Melbourne) and the University of Queensland (for the record, I am a graduate of UQ).
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    Yes, the open university system has great selection of degrees and courses, but the cost is linked to the tuition at the participating schools so it's still a little pricey. The open system does also have free and low cost certificate programs, but if you want a degree you'll have the pay the coresponding tuition.
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    Sometimes we talk about university names, usually when we don't like them. I like the name Southern Cross University. I like the celestial reference but it also just seems kind of cool. Here are their DL offerings, quite a bunch

    Distance and online education options - Future Students - SCU

    (My favorite Australian university name is University of the Sunshine Coast. It makes me want to major in tanning or surfing or something like that. The only problem is that I don't think they have any DL offerings there.)
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    I didn’t bother to check all their program offerings; nonetheless, they do offer the MBA via online.

    “Best of all, apply your new skills in your current job and complete the MBA flexibly either on campus or online.”

    Master of Business Administration MBA | University of the Sunshine Coast

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