ASU to offer FREE 15-credit certificate in Global Management & Entrepreneurship

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  1. cacoleman1983

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    The next course, Global Marketing in a Digital Age, is available and the course looks fully updated. However, I only found out about it by going to their main website to enroll and I had to sign up for an entirely new portal account but it seems as though they just combined both accounts a few minutes ago. I guess they did not want to let everyone know that it was available until all the course content was completed by the instructors when it was in fact available a few weeks ago.
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    I just started at course 1 module 1. Any idea how long they will maintain this program?
  3. cacoleman1983

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    I'm not sure how long they will maintain the program but from start to finish, it will have taken two years for me to finish as well as how long it took them to develop the entire program. The last course will likely start in January and graduation from the certificate program will likely kick off around April or May.
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