Are there Online Teaching Positions that DO NOT Require a Masters?

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    I have an extensive background and a great deal of experience, in many fields. I have completed a AAS, BAAS and Masters Certificate.

    However, it seems impossible to get a job teaching anywhere without a Masters. In most cases, having a Masters in ANY subject is enough --even if it is NOT in the field you would be teaching!

    I would think that experience would be a substitute for the Masters (working on it now) for some areas of Adjunct Teaching online.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Tony L. Ellis
    Home Address 19706 Spotted Owl Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660, USA
    Home (512) 252-1766 FAX (512) 252-8665 Cell (512) 673-6261
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    Multi-talented professional, with a Masters Certification, Bachelor's Degree, and extensive computer-related skills, seeking a position where 20+ years of proven leadership and management ability will provide a new, rewarding and challenging career.

    Excellent verbal and written communication skills, evidenced daily as a Dell server technician, email and phone support

    Outstanding team building, mentoring and training skills utilized in military, private security and other management positions

    20+ years exceptional leadership skills, developed in military and civilian management roles

    Successful Project Manager with one project currently used as a Dell class training guide

    Ability to effectively interact with a wide variety of cultures and all levels of management

    Exceptional computer skills, including Microsoft Office, Windows XP/Vista, and Server 2003

    Over 15 years enterprise-level knowledge and experience troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing both server and desktop systems


    2 Years, Escalations Analyst, Dell Computers, Round Rock TX
    7 Years, Managing Partner, Majik Computers and Majik Net, Rockdale TX
    2 Years, Operations Manager, Preferred Security Services, Houston, TX
    2 Years, Operations Manager, MX International Security, Houston, TX
    1.5 Years, Operations Manager, PEDUS Security Services, San Diego CA
    1 Year, Operations Manager, Wells Fargo Security Services, San Diego CA
    2 Years, Patrol/Field Sergeant, Department of Defense Police, San Diego CA
    1 Year, Team Leader, Department of Defense Crisis Response Team, San Diego CA
    1 Year, Radiological Controls Shift Supervisor (RCSS), USS Acadia AD-42, San Diego CA


    Texas A&M University
    Bush College of Government and Public Service
    Master Certificate, Homeland Security Emergency Management, August 2008, GPA 3.25

    Saint Edward's University
    Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science, Nuclear Technology, May 2006, GPA 3.85
    Minor - Public Safety and Emergency Management

    University of Phoenix
    Associate of Arts and Applied Science, Nuclear Technology, May 2004, GPA 4.0
    Minor - Business Communication


    3 Years, First Responder, National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
    3 Years, Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
    6 Years, A+ Certification, CompTIA
    6 Years, Server+ Certification, CompTIA


    • Microsoft Implementing Commercial Internet System 2.0
    • Supporting Microsoft NT Core Essentials
    • Microsoft Secure Web: Proxy Server 2.0
    • Microsoft Networking Essentials
    • Fundamentals of Network Technology - Network+ Preparation


    • Introduction to Emergency Management
    • Community Relations and Public Safety
    • Managing Public Safety Agencies
    • Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness
    • Planning and Decision Making for Public Safety
    • Fundamentals of Homeland Security
    • Cyber-Security for Managers
    • Terrorism in Today's World
    Homeland Security and Emergency Management


    • AWR-172-W Information Security Basics
    • Pilot Course: Information Security for Everyone
    Information Systems & Computer Applications
    • Online Information Technology & Security
    • IS-00100 Introduction to the Incident Command System
    • IS-00700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
    • IS-00800.B National Response Framework, An Introduction
    • IS-00230 Principles of Emergency Management
    • IS-00001 Emergency Program Manager, An Orientation to the Position
    • IS-00235 Emergency Planning
    • IS-00200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
    • IS-00242 Effective Communication
    • IS-00240 Leadership and Influence
    • IS-00241 Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • IS-00546 Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course
    • IS-00547 Introduction to Continuity of Operations (COOP)
    • IS-00003 Radiological Emergency Management
    • IS-00301 Radiological Emergency Response
    • IS-00022 Are You Ready? In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness


    07/2002 - Present Dell Computers, Round Rock, TX

    Support Technician (Tier II)
    • Assist enterprise-level customers with troubleshooting to repair and enhance system performance
    • Assist and mentored team members in processes and procedures
    • Received three bronze-level customer service awards
    • Received one silver-level customer service award
    • Lead Business Process Improvement (BPI) project that won Dell World Quality Day Competition, in the yellow belt category, currently being used as a Dell training model
    • Cross-functional collaboration with other departments to address networking problems and to provide results-driven customer service

    02/1995 - 07/2002 Majik Net - Majik Computers, Rockdale, TX

    Business Managing Partner
    • Provided hands-on leadership for network design, system implementation, maintenance and data security projects
    • Managed all operations of Internet Service Provider (ISP) and increased customer accounts from 10 to over 500, in less than five years
    • Significantly grew both businesses and facilitated their profitable sale in 2002

    02/1993 - 12/1994 Preferred Security, Houston, TX

    Operations Manager
    • Managed day-to-day operations of private security company
    • Negotiated customer contracts
    • Interviewed, hired, trained, scheduled and supervised security officers
    • Completed reports necessary for company operations

    01/1992 - 12/1993 MX International Security, Houston, TX

    Operations Manager
    • Hire, train, schedule and supervise 500+ security officers
    • Manage supervisory and administrative personnel
    • Conduct customer site visits and inspections
    • Negotiate client service contracts as necessary
    • Provide customer service to all existing and potential clients


    Copies of written recommendations available upon request


    On request

    • Continuing my education in computer-related areas
    • Researching opportunities to add to my certifications in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
    • Pursuit of a secondary career, as adjunct faculty, teaching graduate-level courses in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
    • Installation of new hardware for my home network, performing routine maintenance and experimenting with ways to improve reliability and performance
    • Motorcycling, travel and online computer gaming

    • Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars
    • Member Alpha Sigma Lambda
    • Member Project Management Institute
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    I wonder if all of your references would be happy to know that all of their contact information has been posted on a public site.
  3. Ted Heiks

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    I never knew that Phoenix offered this program. Does it still exist? Online, bricks & mortar, or both?
  4. Randell1234

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    UoP offered an AA through credit recognition and your concentration depended on you MOS.
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    What are basing this statement on? Teaching for which schools and at what level?
  6. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator

    It is part of this:

    I remember getting unsolicited info on this in 2001 when I completed my first CCAF A.A.S. At the time, one class from UoP would have given me a second A.A.S. in the field my CCAF was in.
  7. Ted Heiks

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    I seem to recall having read at the North Central Association website that if you are interested in a community college adjuncting position that is in a practical hands-on field (nuclear engineering technology would fit that bill, as one would be training future reactor technicians at the community college level), one need only have an associate's and x number of years experience. Regarding Homeland Security Emergency Management, how many hours in a Master Certificate? If 18 hours, you may be good to go. Or you could apply for a master's in homeland security and see if they'll let you take your comps rather early in your program based on your credits accumulated in the Master Certificate program. Then you can bill yourself as a "master's candidate" when you apply for teaching positions.
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    Few ones that will consider an instructor without a master are:

  10. tavaren

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    Thanks for all the input on this.

    Yes, my degree in nuclear technology was primarily based on Navy experience, at UPO.

    The Degree at St. Eds was what they called an inverted degree. It gave credit for the previous degree (AAS) and required I take the core courses. The minor was optional so I chose Emergency Mgmt and Public Safety.

    The Masters Cert was a total of 15 hours, including the Capstone.

    Oh... Is there any way to remove the contact info for my references? I didn't catch it from the cut/paste of the resume.


  11. Bruce

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    Done....I left your contact information up; just let us know if you'd like that removed also.
  12. tavaren

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    Thanks for taking out the reference info. You can leave my contact info though. Maybe someone will refer me for a job or better yet, call me for one.


    Tony :)
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    Still no luck

    Good Day!

    I appreciate all the information and feedback. Please continue to add more, if you come across anything as I check the site almost daily.

    I have applied to several online high school programs and those suggested in the replies to the post.

    However, no luck yet.

    I'm not giving up and continuing to apply to anything looks possible. The plan here is to get a position anywhere, get at least some level of teaching experience (online) and hopefully, it will help.

    Thanks again for your continued support,

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