Are there any completely online Bachelors (All 120 credits)?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by iquagmire, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. iquagmire

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    My cousin is looking for a completely online college. He has a high school diploma and is 19 years old but cannot to go on campus.

    Any credible, regionally accredited college that takes a person from soup to nuts?


  2. japhy4529

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  3. BrandeX

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    All "online" schools, and "most" brick and mortars these days perhaps too.
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  5. GeeBee

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    The programs with which I am most familiar are degree completion programs; for example, all of the online Bachelor's at UIS require one to have an Associates or equivalent before admission.

    Chadron State College is a regionally accredited, B&M school that does offer a number of degrees that can be earned completely online.
  6. heimer

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    UMUC for starters
  7. Shawn Ambrose

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    If your cousin is willing to start at a community college, I'll recommend Clovis Community College in MN and earning an Associates Degree there - then transferring the degree. Including the online fees, an out of state resident pays $1170/tuition for 15 credits ($78/credit hour).

  8. Bruce

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    NM, if it was MN I would have attended there myself :)
  11. scaredrain

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    Sure there are a few! My brother will finish up at Southern New Hampshire University, a bachelors in english, which he stated 3.5 years ago and will finish this May. SNHU has many online programs and they have a real brick and mortar campus:

    Distance Learning Online | SNHU
  12. Kizmet

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    There are a lot of 100% online degree programs. Too many to list. Can you be more specific as to the subject area or some other criteria that would help to sift out appropriate choices? Here's another offering:

    21 online Bachelors degrees from UMass

    Degree List - UMassOnline
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    UMUC requires one proctored exam in every undergraduate class. You can take that exam at a local CC's testing center, but that's still not totally online. I had heard they got a grant to study whether this "proctored" exam can happen online (since the exam is largely just validating who is taking the course), but I can't imagine how that would be possible.
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