Are Alternative Licenses of limited value in the long term?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Pelican, Oct 23, 2019.

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    I have an Alternative License to teach. It expires in 10 years, but is renewable. I was inquiring with a WGU recruiter about some of their teacher programs, and they tried to talk me into doing their license program, so that I have a "legitimate" license. They said the job market can change, and they have a lot of people applying to their program who were working as a teacher on an Alternative License and were forced to get a license from WGU to keep their jobs. They also warned that Alternative Licenses cannot transfer to other states. Is there any truth to any of this? I have never heard of any of this before. The principal at my school even has an Alternative License, so I am skeptical of what they were saying.
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    I think if I move to a state, my 4 years of experience will mean reciprocity in almost every state. They told me some employers changed the requirements while people worked there. Have you heard of that?
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    This one is tough because it's likely state specific. Best you can do is contact the state ED/licensing department of the state you're planning to move to.
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    I'm unsure what you mean. I know that there are alternative routes to teaching licensure but I was under the impression that the actual license is the same. It's just the route that is "non-traditional." Is that what you mean or are you referring to something else completely?
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    Which state are you in? My state doesn't have alternative licenses. Those who complete an alternative teacher certification program earn a temporary license. After teaching for one year on the temporary license, they receive a full license that's the same as the license earned through the traditional route.
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    No matter what you have or where you live, the last person you should ever get state licensing and career information from is a sales rep from a college (aka admissions).
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