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    Never heard of them before???
    Doesn't pass GAAP in my view. I can be wrong.


    "World Certification Institute (WCI) is a global certifying body that grants credential awards and confers business degrees to individuals via AREL program, as well as accredits courses of organizations.

    World Certification Institute accredits Switzerland’s ANOU Doctor of Business Administration Programme
    Posted by: Susan Mckenzie in News Releases

    WASHINGTON, June 10, 2016 – The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme at Alfred Nobel Open University (ANOU) in Switzerland has been granted full accreditation on 1st June 2016 by World Certification Institute. ANOU is a multinational educational consortium of higher education institutions in five leading cities of the world, in Vienna, Budapest, London, Hong Kong, and Zurich, offering different programmes in each country.

    The Alfred Nobel Open University (abbreviated as Anouk ) maintained by private higher education institutions. Its headquarters are located in the United States, and its mission statement is located in Hungary. Its member institutions are located in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Hong Kong."
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    I looked at few universities on the list, they have nothing about WCI. Are they even aware that they are sanctioned by WCI?
    I still see no value in it.

    And what is this Alfred Nobel Open University in Florida?
    But I can be wrong.
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    I doubt most of the universities on that list are even aware that WCI exists. Here is why:

    That list includes universities from many different countries and schools from very most countries use a domain under their respective country-code top-level domain. It makes sense to simply do a Google search which is limited to that specific top-level domain. Here are a few examples:"World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute""World+Certification+Institute"

    Look at the (very few) results and judge for yourself.
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    Whois check: World Certification is behind a privacy screen that is in Jacksonville FL. Never a good sign for an academic org. (Jacksonville is OK. Privacy screen - not so much.)
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    Good job, Mintaru!

    WCI has "sanctioned" 739 Universities - including Brandeis, Harvard, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, numerous legit Asian schools --- AND my local University. I doubt you can find anyone at most of the 739 that has ever heard of WCI, let alone that the school has been chosen for sanctioning / sanctification or whatever.

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    In other words, WCI is a fake organization who is certifying those diploma mills?
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    solve for X

    Ukraine + Florida + Slovakia + ("I never heard of it") + privacy screen = X
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    If nothing else, it is likely to find a spot on the Worst Names List for 2020. As for Mr. Ferenc Galgóczi, I googled him and wound up in an anthill. It's not worth my time to sift through all the junk. In my own opinion, the existence of the junk alongside the lack of clear, definitive information is cause for concern. In the world of 2020 these degrees are not difficult to find at a clearly, definitively accredited school. Why would you give your money and potential future livelihood to a school that could blow up in your face? Maybe it's the whole covid19 thing affecting my attitude but I'm throwing shade at this one.

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