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  1. Shaun

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    Rich's posting


    You stated: "Rather, that it is a difficult and rare event. (The 7% figure can be found on the school's website, BTW.) But even if he was talking about you, the information you related regarding your other qualifications are not the things that would make up for a lack of a master's."

    If you read the posting, you would have seen I have a master's of Public Administration (MPA). I am working towards a computer science related degree to add more bite to my resume.

    Also, if you read my posting, you would have realized I HAVE been to the TUI website, BTW. And yes, he was addressing me, as his reply was targeting my statement to someone else.

    I am really disappointed in the demeanor all of those responding, except for one, have taken. I guess I hit a nerve.

    I apologized for my rash response, I see a few of you do not have the character to respond in kind. I think I would be better off looking elsewhere than "The Union", as I see there is a mindset that is rather distasteful to me.

    Is it really the goal of "The Union" to turn off potential students and discourage them? Is this what academia at "The Union" is about?

  2. Tom Head

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    If you're looking for a shortcut, you might check with Union to see if a non-Honours Aussie course-based master's might work--these things can technically be done in a year, and even though they're considered quasi-undergraduate in Australia (e.g., you would not get into an Aussie Ph.D. program with one), they might, combined with your other qualifications, suffice for Union's purposes. They also tend to be cheap (usually less than US$4,000). An Honours-year British bachelor's might also work but, here again, you'll want to check with Union.

    In any case, Steve is absolutely correct in saying that only 7% of pre-master's applicants get into a Union Ph.D. program.

    I do have two Union-related questions for Steve and Rich, now that we're on the thread:

    1. Let's say I'm attending Union (I'm not, but recommend it often), and I want an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Applied Histrionics and Sexual Engineering. It's my (possibly incorrect) understanding that Union technically offers a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, and that the major field is understood--so what, exactly, would the degree be? Would it be a Ph.D. in Applied Histrionics and Sexual Engineering (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program), a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Applied Histrionics and Sexual Engineering), or a Ph.D. in Applied Histronics and Sexual Engineering with no annotation? If it's the latter, why can't someone at Potchefstroom whose research focuses exclusively on Jewish philosophy call his degree a Ph.D. in Jewish Philosophy instead of a Ph.D. in Theology?

    2. Rich, I gotta know: What's your major, dude? If I were to take a random guess, I would say a Ph.D. in Education and Training; am I close?

  3. Shaun

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    Tom's Posting


    Thanks for the input. I am not trying to take a short cut, I was only asking a question. I am not one to take shortcuts, I believe in working hard for what I want, it makes it more satisfying when I get there.
  4. Rich Douglas

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    My major is Higher Education with a specialization in Nontraditional Higher education.

    As for Shaun, I didn't parse every word in his/her posts. (I still haven't. I don't know if Shaun's gender was revealed.) There was a lot of noise with little substance. Shaun shows up, doesn't know anybody, then makes sweeping generalizations about posters who responded in ways that disagreed with him/her. I thought he/she didn't have a master's, hence the query and the discussion about the subject.

    Funny, I miss a small fact and Shaun gets all bent out of shape. But it is Shaun that is complaining loudly about how he/she was treated. And from what Shaun says, the responses were pretty consistent. (He/She didn't like any of them, save one.) Perhaps they (we?) aren't the problem?
  5. Shaun

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    Rich's Post


    You say that my response is typical of someone who shows up at a forum and doesn't know anyone, yet you are guilty of this as well. You even stated you have not read all my postings, or of those I was responding to, therefore you are making judgements of me without all the facts.

    This all came about when Theodore asked a question about EC and Touro. I provided him some information and he was happy. I had read earlier about "The Union" and was curious, I replied to another individual, and then came "levicoff".

    I perceived his tone as condescending, and I responded to it. I admitted I was hasty, and would have been better off just letting the remarks go. I also apologized to everyone, but no one else accepted that, that in itself says a lot about the individuals who are so quick to condemn me.

    It seems that certain individuals are not used to being chastised, those individuals are ready to serve it up but cannot digest it when it is served back to them.

    Again, I am sorry I ever asked about "The Union", obviously it is a club with restricted membership. Do not worry, I will not apply. But to you who are members that are taking offense to my reply to "levicoff" I say this:
    1. If you have not read ALL of the string concerning my actions, then do not reply, you are missing facts and you are doing what you are condemning me of.
    2. I admit when I am wrong, and I did so. Courteous men would accept it and press on to bigger issues.
  6. Shaun

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    Additional Comments

    I have asked several questions prior to my last posting, yet no one is willing to answer them. That in itself says a lot.

    Look, I didn't come to this forum to look for a conflict, but when I am responded to in a terse manner, yes, I will defend my position. It seems that a majority of individuals who frequent this thread really like to keep a conflict going. Why? Is an apology not sufficient? I had given one, why won't you accept it and press on with other topics?

    I came to this threaded discussion to learn and to help out anyone I could by contributing where I could, and I have been able to with one person. Why can't others in this forum do the same? I am not here to make myself more important than I am, NO ONE is so important that they cannot afford a little courtesy. Even Christ humbled himself. I admitted I made a rash response to "levicoff", but no one wants to recognize that, nor were they willing to say it was accepted. That troubles me. It troubles me because the individuals who continue to throw in their little snippits called themselves educated men .

    I may not have a Ph.D. I may not be an alumni of "The Union". But I am man enough to admit when I am wrong, and apologize, and did so. I guess that makes me one up on those who continue to add fuel to the fire.
  7. Bruce

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    Steve addressed that very question on a.e.d. awhile back. IIRC, the degree would be in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, concentration in Applied Histrionics and Sexual Engineering. Apparently that's a fairly recent development, TUI used to offer the degree in the exact major(s), but NCA didn't like the idea.

  8. BillDayson

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    I'm getting confused, Shaun.

    In the post that Steve was replying to, you said this:

    tony, that is of course if I can get into TUI without a masters degree. I have 22 years of military training on top of what will soon be a bachelors. Who knows.

    Perhaps you meant that you don't have a masters degree in the subject you want to earn a doctorate in or something. I don't know. But whatever you meant to say, I hope that you can see how what you actually wrote was confusing.

    Like any other university, they have entrance requirements. And I suppose that anyone telling you about requirements that you don't meet could be accused of turning you off and discouraging you.
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  9. irat

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    credible programs

    This is a most interesting strand! It ranges from MIGS, CEU to Union and Touro.
    I guess the question Shaun is looking at is whether it is better to go through the masters degree to the doctorate or to try to find a reputable program which goes directly from bachelors to doctorate.
    It seems to me that there are on-campus, reputable programs that in 3 to 5 years of research a person could go directly from a bachelors to a phd. It seems to be fairly common in the hard sciences where on campus, lab. research is a big part of the program.
    I cannot think of any distance learning options that allow a person to go directly from a bachelors degree to a phd that would be helpful career wise. It was stated on the forum that Union may allow 7% of its student to proceed to a phd with just a bachelors. However, I assume that the total coursework would still equal a masters plus doctorate.
    Are there any other reputable distance learning programs which might allow a minority of students to be accepted in a phd program without a bachelors?
    It would seem the combination would be rare, reputable but accepting students in doctoral programs with just bachelor degees.
    All the best!

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