American Business and Technology University Lost DEAC Accreditation

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    They had been on show cause for a while. Sometimes a school will voluntarily withdraw its accreditation when it knows an involuntary withdrawal is imminent.
  3. Michigan68

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    Agreed. You just hope that the school would become organized so it wouldn't get to this point.

    Accreditation seems much harder to get, than it would have to maintain it.

    Cleveland Institute of Electronics is an example of that. They seem like a 'shell' of what they were.
  4. Bruce

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    This is sad news, ABTU had some interesting and unique degree programs for a DETC school, not the usual MBA with 19 specializations.

    The loss of accreditation seems to have been their death knell, their website is offline.
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    Yer Back!!!
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    I am!
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  8. Johann

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    They're focused. Only 3 courses. Target market: Military spouses. Hopefully, people will get jobs. It looks like they worked hard at scoping out all possible funding options for their target market. These days, the career schools that DON'T award degrees seem to get in far less financial and other trouble than the ones who DO.

    It looks like this school got somewhat burned, in the degree-awarding market. Hopefully their new approach will be successful. They'll need really good teachers and curricula and their grads will have to get jobs, but they know that. I wish them every success.
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