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    i don't know if anything has changed recently, but i remembered last time, to enter a graduate program in the UK from 1 of em Russell group Unis, u must have a high 2.1 or FCH.

    but i did notice the lower tier UK unis coming out graduate programs online with more lenient entry requirements - like a pass degree w/ work experience
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    According to a business contact of mine, you don't know what "harsh grading" means until you study law in Germany. It is a scale from zero to 18 points. Every grade above 9 is considered to be with Honours. Only 0,3% score a grade of 16 and higher.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    A little off-topic, why UK grade system is different from the US?
    70% - 100% = A
    60% - 69% = B
    50% - 59% = C
    40% - 49% = D
    0% - 39% = F
  4. smartdegree

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    Here's the WES grading conversion from UK to US grades.

    Undergrad conversion scale

    Grad conversion scale

    Looks like in the UK, graduate grading is so brutal that a 40-49% = a US B grade. I guess the US admissions officers are aware of the brutality of the UK system.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    So, the UK grading scale is easier because the content harder? I just completed two courses at Imperial College London's MBA program, and I have not finished my final marks yet.
  6. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Did both courses in UK and in the US and can confirm that UK courses are, indeed, harder. YMMV, as usual.
  7. chrisjm18

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    Same in India. I got one C (43%) in my MBA program. Tough grading!!
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  8. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    A "C" for 43%. Since I did the IIT Admissions Test for fun, I knew they were tough there, but this even tops it...!!!
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  9. smartdegree

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    I have no experience studying in the UK. I only have stories from my ex-boss, a very brilliant person who did her MSc in Economics at LSE. She says it was so tough she feels fortunate just to have passed and graduated.

    How about your experience at Imperial - is it easier/harder than your other degrees?
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  10. Johann

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    Trick question: Your UK trained doctor graduated from Med School with 43%. Do you want to know that - or not? And why / why not? :)
  11. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I think grading is harder in the UK system, but the material is not. My hardest experience I have ever studied in my life was my Master of Science in Telecommunications at Southern Methodist University. My final grade is based on 60% on the final exam, 30% on the midterm and a research paper is 10%. My Managerial Economic at Imperial College London exams was 80% average; my group assignment, which counted as 40% of the final grade was only 63% because the professor disagreed with how we applied the economics concept in "Online MBA." So, right now my final grade is 58.20% and I am awaiting for individual paper for 15%, which I need at least 80% on the paper to get an "A." As far as my Marketing Management course, 20% participation includes attending live lectures; and 80% based on the final paper. I wrote about the Financial Industry Should Adopt Blockchain Technology as part of innovation and marketing myopia concepts. I hope I get an "A" as the final mark.
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    By the way, here's a small tip if you need a 'ranked' IT degree.

    So, once you finish your 2nd years at Coursera BSc in Computer Science program, they will give you a Diploma of Higher Education in Computer Science.

    You can use that Diploma to apply to other online top-up degree programs in UK.

    For 6k GBP, you can apply to Middlesex University's BSc in Information Systems:
    You'll be able to a real Middlesex University degree in only one year.

    Also, there's Open University's Computing and IT Practice Bachelor's top-up degree for 6k GBP:
    It will take only one year to finish.

    That way, you can get a degree from legit, ranked institutions.

    Middlesex University ranking:

    Open University ranking:
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    Depends. Is the alternate 99% graduate some toffee-nosed twat with no social skills?
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  14. smartdegree

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    Looks like you are doing great in your MBA. Good luck on the A!
  15. smartdegree

    smartdegree Active Member

    If you're talking about something like heart or brain surgery, I want the 99% guy with no social skills. :)

    For a routine yearly checkup, I won't mind the 43% guy, as long as all my test results are good.
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    Good. That means he won't be working on me while he's busy with you. A win all around.
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  17. GregWatts

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    Two observations;

    Non-specialized MBAs teach basically the same stuff in the same time frame, so how would the material be "harder". At Harvard debits equal credits whereas at the University of Pheonix it is discretionary? Do they discount cash flows differently at one school than another in their Finance course. I am being a little simplistic but I've seen curriculum from EBS and few schools in the US and the material is not that different.

    That does not mean there is not difference in rigor; i.e. the sophistication one is required to apply in order to get a grade in such courses. Not everyone with a law degree can pass the bar.

    My perception is that a "pass" in the UK is not much different than a "pass" in the US; albeit your results may very (EBS fails a lot of people). I had a colleague who went through EBS with me; he was a geophysicist from an elite US institution and was challenged by EBS. The UK safeguards their honours degrees more tightly... it is easier to get better grades in the US than the UK.

    However, there is some simple translation going on (i.e. 0 degrees C is 32 degree F).

  18. GregWatts

    GregWatts Active Member

    One other observation; I have two graduate degrees from the UK. One from a 2nd tier school and another from a Russell Uni. Both were F***** hard.
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  19. msganti

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    Another cheaper option is to complete Level-4 & 5 diplomas of OTHM or ATHE. There are a bunch of providers offering these, for prices ~2k GBP. Lot of schools offering these "top-up" degrees accept these qualifications. Some of these providers have arrangements with universities (like Arden or Derby) so the top-up degree comes to around 7k GBP.
  20. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Among them, I think Open University has the best brand. Middlesex is next.
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