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    I will be finishing my MS next April and will most likely being my PhD at Nova (CIS-IA), however I am also very interested in adult and online education. I am working with several non-traditional teaching / ed venues to do community based "secure, safe and family directed computing" class - also working on a home wireless protection class through another community learning network.

    All of this got me thinking - maybe something (shown in link below) else would be my "better" next step before my PhD. . . or maybe it doesn't matter.

    I am doing some additional research on some local options (Indiana U, Purdue, Butler) but if you know of any similar programs such as Col. State, please pass them along. Also please note my undergrad was not in education.
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    Open University in the UK offers a Master's in Online & Distance Education, which they used to offer jointly with Florida State University. I'm not sure what the current status is concerning the acceptance of non-EU students, but it's worth looking into.
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    As of Bears' Guide, 15th edn. (2003), there was an EdD in Adult Education available via DL from National-Louis University, though, unfortunately, I can find no evidence of said program's continued existence on their website. Nova offers a PhD in Instructional Technology and Distance Education through their School of Education.
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    Ted, Bruce, Arch23 and tmartca,

    thank you all. i sincerely appreciate it.

    it is amazing how many options we have. even better, the tuition for these programs isn't bad.

    i am thankful we have so many choices and opportunities to learn. sounds corny, but i am grateful.
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    National-Louis program

    As I have posted before, National-Louis U in Chicago has an online master's in adult ed. I earned it about a year ago, thanks to the Bear's Guide. There is also a doctorate offered, via DL and monthly weekends in Chicago, plus a couple of two-week summer seminars at a retreat center.

    The Adult Ed department website is currently a mess, and I don't know why. It used to be excellent, and a great resource for the field.

    The school is hardly top-drawer, and searching for its raison-d'etre, yet the adult ed faculty includes some major players in the left-wing camp of AE. I would recommend the doctorate program, but probably not the online master's at present.

    PM me for details if you are interested.

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