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  1. teacher2000

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    Thanks, I start on this friday with the training....
  2. teacher2000

    teacher2000 New Member

    Wanted to give an update. I finished the training. I was offered a class! :smile:
  3. ann70821

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    Congratulations! Please post about your experiences as you begin working, I would be very interested in reading about your impressions of the job.
  4. teacher2000

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    Hello All,

    My experience has been great! I am on my 2nd course now!
  5. nfa114

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    Hi everybody. I am hoping to apply for a teaching assistant position when I finish my BA in December. I can't wait because I've read really good things about it. However, I do have a question or two for those people who do work there. (1) About how many hours do you put in each week? (2) I believe the person who started this thread is from India. How do you get paid since you are overseas? I too am overseas. I am a US citizen, but currently live overseas. (3) About how long did it take from when you applied to when you got accepted? Two months? (4) Has anybody had a teaching assistant position at another college? Which one? What did it pay?

    Thanks everybody, I look forward to more information and answers!
  6. armywife

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    I'm interested in this thread too. I just noticed an ad for this TA position grading papers and I"m really curious. I'm going to apply. Would love to hear others experiences and if there are any other TA online jobs at other colleges. I've had no luck finding any teaching positions online so in the meantime this might be a great plan!
  7. armywife

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    I just started the TA orientation/training and it will go on for 4 weeks. I know this is an older thread but if anyone has been through this I'd love to know about it. I will post on my experience as well. Thanks!
  8. Steve King

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    Please do! Thanks.
  9. nfa114

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    I Just Applied


    I just applied to the job earlier this week. How long did it take for Ashford to contact you after you applied? I'm so scared because I really want this job. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. apageor2

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    You know, I was just discussing something similar regarding a teaching job on another board. Perhaps I should ask it here instead. I have an MBA in Finance and a BS in MIS. I have been doing everything I can to get into a teaching position yet no one is hiring me. It is becoming more apparent the reasons as to why and it is starting to look like my disability.

    Oh I have attempted to put into work with a local college for administration work and they pulled the same thing so now it's starting to get personal. How can I fight this? Any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. armywife

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  12. armywife

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    The process wasn't quick. I initially applied in the summer. I believe I got an automated response telling me they received it and would review it. At least a month or so went by before I received an email asking for a writing sample. After I turned that in, I'd say several more months went by before I received an email saying they were considering me and wanted a bunch of paperwork filled out. I printed all of that out, sent transcripts, etc. and mailed it back. Then after a few weeks or so went by, I got another email offering me the chance to go through the training/interview process which lasts 4 weeks. They basically said to be on the look out for another email in January. So as you can see this isn't really a quick process (at least not for me!) I got the email this month and now I am finally in the training! Hallelujah ! lol...I guess it has taken me about 6 months from the time I applied until now.

    We had a web seminar the other day to introduce us to the training format. For the training, we are enrolled in two online classes. One is the teacher orientation/interview class which is basically training you on what they want you to do. The second class is the simulated mock classroom. We will be learning how to use waypoint, the grading system they use. As I learn more, I will post about it.

    So far I'm kind of impressed by their training. It looks to be thorough and they are definitely not interested in throwing people in the fire without proper training. Since I've never taught online before I really appreciate that. I have heard that they have a large pool of TA's so once you pass the training you go into the pool. I look forward to passing the training (hopefully!) and getting into the TA pool. At that point my next discovery will be how often you get assigned classes and what you actually get paid. I don't know either of those yet.

    In the web seminar, they said they have these 4 week training classes happening about every month or every other month. So I think it's a continual process. I'm guessing the hiring process takes awhile b/c we are all in a line waiting to be shuffled through. I'd say throw your hat in the ring .It's worth a try!
  13. Klgm326

    Klgm326 New Member

    Hey Holly
    I'm very interested in hearing you experience! I'm from NC (noticed your alma mater:) I'm retiring from teaching in June and this seems like a great plan for me. I think I'll apply soon since it has taken you several months.
    Thanks for sharing the details!
  14. Klgm326

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    In case anybody is reading this, apparently they are currently in need? I sent in my initial form on Sunday. By Monday afternoon they had emailed me, asking for a writing sample. Yesterday they sent for all of my paperwork -- transcripts, confidentiality agreements, references, etc. I was told that they would schedule me for training as soon as they had my transcripts. Holy Smokes! I started now, because I'm retiring in four months. But at the rate they are going, this might happen much sooner? I'm definitely not complaining. I'm sure it could still take time to actually get into training and then possibly get a class. I'm really very excited, and I want to thank all of you guys. I would never have even KNOWN about Ashford without your help. So, thank you!!
  15. alexus00

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    I begin Training/Interview process next month

    I will begin my Adjunct TA Training/Orientation next month. I am curious to know what to expect after training has concluded. Do TAs teach their own course or are they working under an Instructor? How many courses are they allowed to teach?
    Also, I will be graduating with my MAED next month, as well. Will I be able to apply for an Instructor position immediately following graduation?
    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  16. Ted Heiks

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    It might help us help you better if we knew which school you will be adjuncting for.
  17. alexus00

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    Oh, I'm sorry. My TA Training is with Ashford University/Bridgepoint Education.

  18. aymeilin

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    Ashford TA

    I start this month. I have extensive online teaching experience and I design courses as a contractor by day. Does anyone know how much the pay is and if we are permitted to teach more than one course.
  19. AV8R

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    Did you get a position teaching for Ashford or working as a teaching assistant?
  20. teacher2000

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    If you are a TA ( Teaching Assistant) you will have only 1 course at a time. In some occasions, not often, you can end up with 2 courses at a time. I have been a TA since 2010.
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