Acquiring College Credits through Language Testing

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    I just wanted to pass a tidbit of info to those who are proficient in a second language and could use that proficiency to acquire ACE recognized college credits. I know this website has been brought to light before, and I just wanted to re-emphasize it. The language assessment tool used is an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), and based on how well you perform on the interview you are awarded a rating - and based on your proficiency rating, you are awarded specific ACE Credits (possibly upper and lower level). Hope some of you find this information useful.

    OPI Testing:

    OPI Testable Languages:

    ACE College Credits awarded by proficiency rating:
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    wonder if the dept of defense language instit

    i wonder if the dept of defense language institute offers the same oportunities...

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    Are these exams worth college credits?
    If yes how many lower and upper?
    Can you tell us more?
    Thank you very much for the info.
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    I'll be taking an OPI exam in June in one language and in September in another. One of the nice parts about the OPI test is that it is a speaking/listening only test. I know many people that speak a foriegn language much better than they write it (including myself) and this allows them to get some credits for there knowledge.
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    That's correct - someone who has attended DLI is by definition current or former military, or was sent by some other Federal agency (or a spouse, in some cases).
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    Sonny, this is killer. Thank you so much!

    I signed up for an interview in my native language and if speaking and thinking in it for 20 years has taught me anything, I'll make 6L+6U credits in half an hour. That's like finding them under the couch!

    I can't beleive Excelsior is letting me pull this off. Hope it works out as planned. Is there any ACE credit for written test too?
  10. sonny_jr

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    No problem - glad to be of help!

    I took the interview back in Dec 06, and was really impressed on how smooth and simple the process was - including the # of ACE credits (UL/LL) one can gain from the OPI interview! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is familiar with a second language!
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    Worth noting is also the New York University Foreign Language Proficiency Exams (NYUFLP) in a number of languages, accepted by both TESC and Excelsior (though curiously not by Charter Oak).

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    Thanks Sonny.

    I don't need credit but may try this to see where I end up. It will provide some sort of language validation for the resume at a minimum.


    Dave C.

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