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    I think taking the route to do the circular counselling is better I heard of a few here
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    Personally, I've heard some good things about the Kelowna College of Professonal Counselling and their Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling. The college is listed in the directory of the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials;

    But is the training necessarily good for you? You would first need to determine whether a one year diploma will make you a suitable candidate for the job. Does the Canadian province/U.S. state/other location where you'd like to practice counselling have some specific requirements concerning counselling practice? In many cases, the streamlined training diploma might be seen as an insufficient qualification. Also, the most widely recognized professional counselling associations frequently require lengthy degree training and brutally long hours of practice. Even if you're allowed to temporarily practice with such a limited qualification as a private career college diploma, the law may change tomorrow. You might be left without a job, if you don't have a degree in the field. So, is the program potentially good in terms of quality? I'd say that it's probably good. Is it good for your specific career goals? I am not sure about that.
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    You already took one shortcut with your degree. You don't want to take another shortcut...this time to the counselling profession and later find out that it won't be accepted. Do your research diligently.
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    Thank you, is global university accredited
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    It looks like you would be getting a U.S. accredited degree from them, since Global University doesn't appear to have a provincial degree-granting charter in Canada.
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    It seems that way. It's weird that they have a whole separate web site for Canadians, though.
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    Looks like but their info and catalogue is all the same
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    Indeed. Looks like you get a RA degree - that should be sufficient both sides of the border.

    But I doubt it meets the O.P's cost restraints. At $450-odd for three credits, the 128-credit Bachelor's he'll need to start with will cost over $19K. US. That's what - maybe $25K Canadian?
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    Yes that’s the fees a bit high
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    Any recommendations on addictions certificates online studies affordable and good colleges
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    Affordable and good? That's a subjective request - I get the impression that there is not much you would find affordable. Remember, you get what you pay for. (We can establish that as yet another useless abbreviation here on DI: UGWUP4. But I jest.)

    But, for what it's worth, McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. Their fully online Professional Addiction Studies program leads to either a certificate (five 3-credit courses) or diploma (ten 3-credit courses). You may find the cost high at $838.92 (Canadian) per 3-credit course, but they do meet the Canadian addictions counselor certification requirements.

    Program overview at, course list and tuition info at
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    Alkuish, it may help to share what you're hoping to accomplish with the degree. If you're attempting to establish a counseling career in something that needs licensure, you really need to speak with the approval board. In the United States, most states have their own licensing boards for counselors. At times they have very unique requirements, that extend beyond accepting a degree from an accredited institution.
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