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  1. warguns

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    I am pleased to report that I have been accepted into the Masters program in Integrative Health Science at Kristianstad University, Sweden.

    Here's the course description (in English)

    This is a distance two year Masters, Magisterexamen, or four years part-time. For historical reasons there are also one-year Masters degrees in Sweden.

    Descriptions of Swedish higher education programs are at:

    Swedish higher education programs are often offered in English and are generally free.

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  2. Ted Heiks

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    Warguns! How did it go with that Swedish MBA program through BTH (was that the right name???)
  3. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Hi - This is great news! Congrats!
  4. warguns

    warguns Member

    Mba bth

    I dropped out halfway through due to boredom.
  5. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Sorry to hear about your dropping out of the MBA. But hopefully you'll succeed on this new Swedish master's.
  6. RoscoeB

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    Congrats, Warguns!

    Is this program also free? Do you have to pay for anything? Make trips to campus?


  7. Farina

    Farina New Member


    I am interested in the Social Anthropology DL program at another Swedish university. How did you find the application process?
  8. warguns

    warguns Member

    application process

    I could not complete my application to HKR at
    which is the normal process because I applied late. Instead, I applied directly to the program.

    Very straight-forward, just be sure to have a notary certify copies of your diplomas when you send them off.

    My impression is that the Swedish schools (at least the university colleges ((Hogkolans)) ) are eager for international students.

    The program is FREE and so far as I can tell, no campus visit necessary.

    Note, however that this is a two-year Masters (120 units). Lots of work.

    Of course, the program may completely suck. But I haven't got lots of money invested in it either.
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  9. From what I could find, there are only two distance learning programs - this one and an online MBA at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Are there others?

    It looks as though fee payment has been delayed until at least 2011 now.
  10. RoscoeB

    RoscoeB Senior Member

    Thanks, Warguns!

  11. datapoly

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    Pardon me, but you sound like abusing the free tuition system. :(
  12. Woho

    Woho New Member

    Congratulations, you are really good in dealing with the swedish system ;)
  13. warguns

    warguns Member

    Sweden distance learning programs

    You should more carefully review the programs listed at

    While I have not done a comprehensive analysis, among distance Master's degrees found include: social anthropology, film ethnology, information science, informatics, adult learning, library and information science, energy engineering, Digital Curation, Information Security, The Religious Roots of Europe, Geographical Information Systems, Communication for Development, Child Studies

    Note that some of these are one year master's (60) while others are two years (120).

    Graduate certificates (roughly half a Masters degree): English literature, Media Studies, Intelligent Technology, Games Production

    Finally, there are literally dozens of individual courses on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  14. warguns

    warguns Member

    dealing with Swedes

    I've found the system to be responsive. Sometimes one has to find the right functionary to make things happen but then all goes smoothly.

    In addition, in the Swedish system there are always independent agencies that one can appeal to, if one feels that there has been an unfairness.
  15. warguns

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    Latest from Christiana University College Sweden

    I just got a very nice note from Högskolan Kristianstad wishing me good Summer and

    Tack för din anmälan till studier hos oss på Högskolan Kristianstad hösten 2009.
    I mitten av juli får du ditt antagningsbesked där det framgår om du är behörig till sökt utbildning, och om du är antagen eller reservplacerad. Håll också utkik efter din inbjudan till introduktionsdagen vi arrangerar den 27 augusti för nya studenter.
    Glad sommar​

    Roughly translated:


    Congratulations on your admission to Christiana University College for Autumn 2009. You have a reserved place. There's an orientation for new students on 27 August

    Have a happy summer!​

    I'm surprised that more readers on this board have not taken advantage of the distance education opportunities in Sweden. As I've stated, my experience is that they are pleased to receive applications from the US.

    . .

  16. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    Do you know of any AACSB programs available via DL from Sweden?
  17. warguns

    warguns Member


    There are none. Most Continental schools use Equis.

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