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    My point is that "official policies"--which, unless one works for the university one almost certainly does not have actual access to--are the beginning, not the end. And, faced with this kind of challenge, it would be a shame to be as short-sighted as that.
    This is non-specific, anecdotal, and comes from an anonymous source.
    This may not be correct. Northcentral University was acquired by the National University System. (It was a competitive situation with other schools attempting to acquire Northcentral U.) I could be mistaken, but I do not believe there are any announced plans to merge Northcentral into National University. These two schools have been joined by City University (in Seattle). You can read more about it here: National University System
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    It's not like the employee has a bunch of dream schools to choose from.

    I clearly said that it was anecdotal. It doesn't matter if we know your identity or not. Having a public identity doesn't make you accurate or honest, and you've been proven wrong before.

    They're seeking approval from WASC to merge the two schools.

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    Of course I have. So have you. In this very thread, in fact. Isn't it fun?:)
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    Great point. I wonder what will happen to the "system" if they merge?

    Offering doctoral programs would be a first for National. They considered it back in the mid-'80s before getting slapped by WASC for being over-extended financially (they owned a LOT of real estate in San Diego) and for opening up a campus in Las Vegas after WASC explicitly told them not to. They even went so far as to introduce post-master's curricula in several areas (700-level courses, at the time), with the explicit caveat that they didn't know if they would be approved to offer doctoral degrees. Again, that got kicked to the curb when they re-organized.

    Another curious factor could be that Northcentral is located in Arizona, outside WASC's jurisdiction. Its regional accreditation is from the HLC. It may not be a factor at all. Ironic, though, because Northcentral was established in Arizona by the same owner of what was then known as SCUPS explicitly because that school couldn't get anywhere with WASC. (SCUPS is now known as California Southern University and is accredited by WASC. Go figure.)

    Northcentral's Wikipedia page says that the acquisition of Northcentral by the National University System "in effect" converted it from a for-profit into a not-for-profit. I'm not so sure it is that simple. We saw Grand Canyon University struggle with this conversion.
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    They have a doctoral program. The first cohort started in September 2019.
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    Grand Canyon struggled either because the school's leadership was still tied to the for-profit company or the for-profit company that split off was still responsible for curriculum design and other operational functions. I can't exactly remember.
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    Your memory is as clear as the actual situation! Or better. It looks like they got it past the HLC, but the Department of Education objected. I think they're functioning as a NFP, however.
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    Originally, but not currently: Northcentral headquarters moved to San Diego and its RA has been through WASC WSCUC since 2015.
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    We're fortunate to have both Rich's and Sanantone's expertise and perspectives.
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    It would be interesting in NCU is merged with NU taking the National University name. Since NU has many schools and colleges that NCU offers, it would bring a better reputation over the NCU entity. I am eyeballing NCU's Ph.D. in Data Science, but not a fan of NCU and its reputation, which is confusing with North Central University.
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    This is very generous, Jonathan. But I think Sanantone's posts have performed two valuable services. First, they've been highly informative. Second, they've reminded me that I sometimes need to go check my information to see what's changed recently. And I've really appreciated that.
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    Today, more than ever, it's a struggle to keep current because of how fast things change.
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    That's kind of you.

    Thank you, and I also appreciate your insight.
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    Thank you all

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