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Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by drwetsch, Feb 5, 2002.

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    It looks like the esteemed Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Leland could hold the world record for having EARNED the most, well, whatever they are. :eek:

  3. Chip

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    I think that it's quite possible that Miltong may end up being the ONLY MIGS graduate.

    BTW, has anyone noticed that even though Sheila has attempted to sanitize things so that everything is now described as CEU and not as MIGS, just about everyone still calls it MIGS?

    I guess a leopard can't change its spots.
  4. irat

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    This is curious. The original advertising sounded like MIGS would be the branch, and CEU would award the degree. Kind of like "the graduate school" is the organization chart name, but the degree is still awarded by the University of Vermont.
    The rmphd is listed as MIGS not CEU. Does that mean for this person MIGS granted the degree and not CEU? If MIGS is the degree grantor, then it is completely worse than a less then wonderful situation. This is almost worth an email to the "graduate". Would that mean MIGS houses the transcript not CEU?
  5. Ted N

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    He was claiming this back in June. Check out thread "Is This Possible" in this forum. I think he just likes claiming degrees and not getting them.

  6. drwetsch

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    Probably...those who purchase fake degrees should just claim them without paying anyway. Saves them dollars and will get the same results.

  7. drwetsch

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    Something came to mind as I was thinking about the good Dr., Dr., Dr.,..... if he had actually attended all of the institutions listed at $2-3K+ a pop he would have been able to have paid for a good solid RA degree program (no loans). However, he would be reduced to only about one Dr. for the money.

  8. Ted N

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    That thought had struck me too. That was when I realized he was probably claiming items just to keep someone talking about him. It has worked too. After all, were not likely to see a headlined anytime soon "Unesteemed Dr. sued by fake universities for claiming fake degrees."

  9. drwetsch

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    I think you are correct in your assessment. His time bomb is just a dud. :D

  10. bozzy

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    Is this wacko for real?

    Which Bible does he preach from?

    What a joke.
  11. bozzy

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  12. Bruce

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    No, Goldie is just the nom-de-plume for what's believed to be a college prank that's been taken way too far. Someone (Larry McQ?) from the old a.e.d. tracked down the posts to, if I recall correctly, New York University. The Goldie persona was sometimes funny, always harmless.


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