A lot of things going on over at the DETC!

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    I have to start with University of Atlanta being dropped by the DETC (if that's what happened). They needed to go and were a bunch of crooks.

    Nations U is listed on the site once more as is University of the People. I never thought U of P would take it this far so I'm glad they are working on it. A free education does not mean an easy one and they look like they require a bit of effort.

    Also a few show cause to boot. Look as if DETC is cracking down a bit. Good to see.
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    According to the Accrediting Commission's report, DETC did not drop U. of Atlanta; the school has ceased enrolling new students. It appears the school is winding down operations.

    Interesting to see that University of Fairfax finally obtained DETC accreditation.
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    Guys, this seems a good news for students of NU and UoP. By the way, could you ellaborate the tuition fee for the Nations University ?
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    I'm glad to see that DETC accreditation continues to be a valued commodity. As with all of the RA agencies, I hope their standards don't slip.
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    Yeah! University of Fairfax gains DETC Accreditation

    I was part of the first graduating class of the the University of Fairfax. The school has such a close and relationship with its students; family like. My career has skyrocketed since obtaining my Master's in IT Security from the university. I also went on to gain the top two IT security certifications in the industry as well; Certified Information Systems Security Profession & Certified Information Systems Auditor credentials. I attended the university because it had the best cyber security practitioners as instructors; one of my instructors was the Chief Information Security Officer for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. UoF uses a hybrid approach to distance learning, where you dial in via conference calls to have very active and engaging learning and discussions. President Obama even cited one of UoF's doctoral students in his 2009 U.S. National Cyber Policy Review. I highly recommend the school to anyone looking to standout in the Cyber Security field. This is a historic time for UoF students!
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    Nations' statement on fees is here: NationsUniversity - Tuition-free Online Christian Education - Student Payments

    Basically - they charge no tuition whatsoever -- and say that all other fees are only charged to students living in the U.S.

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    This one and only post is very suspicious. Promoting your school in this manner using this forum is always not a very good idea. At $895 per credit tuition, and tons of added/hidden fees, for a recently accredited DETC school, I doubt if many would fall for such an expensive degree (with limited utility). Ask yourself, why would someone pay all those fees and tuition to attend your school (University of Fairfax) when regionally accredited Capitol College; for example, offers what you offer for much less.
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    Yep, I had thought the very same thing minus the Capitol college compare. I've heard they were good but with the price jumping up, there going to fail or lower it very soon.

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