A damnable lie about Earlham School of Religion

Discussion in 'Accreditation Discussions (RA, DETC, state approva' started by uncle janko, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Spurred by the hatred with which they devour their own souls, certain posters on another site have resorted to lying about this regionally- and ATS-accredited seminary.

    This link sets the record straight:


    (I also trust that the verbally-sensitive here will note that damnable is not an instance of profanity but a simple descriptive word.)
  2. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Earlham is as legitimate as it gets....what could they possibly say about it???
  3. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    A distinguished poster at DI (Dr Clifton) had a connection to the place, as do I.
  4. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, similar reason why the academic frauds like to bash Union.
  5. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    I agree with Bruce.

    Earlham's a solid school with a national reputation. That goes both for the liberal arts college and for the seminary.

    I can't imagine what the denizens of Jamestown could possibly say to change that.
  6. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Nothing. They are now encouraging a lawsuit against ESR; this shows how little they know about the Society of Friends. I am glad that this thread has set the record straight in what is, after all, the online forum of record in general matters of distance learning. Thanks again, comrades.
  7. RobbCD

    RobbCD New Member

    Aren't the posters in the other forum just noting that Earlham School of Religion is ATS accredited? It says the same at the CHEA web site.http://www.chea.org/search/actionInst.asp?CheaID=3016

    "Database of Institutions Accredited By Recognized
    U.S. Accrediting Organizations

    Earlham School of Religion
    228 College Avenue
    Richmond, IN 47374
    United States
    Phone: (800) 432-1377
    Fax: (765) 983-1688
    Web: esr.earlham.edu

    Institutional Accreditation by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS), Commission on Accrediting."

    I'm not saying Earlham isn't a great school with a solid reputation, but I don't see what's so damnable about what was said elsewhere. It looks to be true.
  8. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    My dear Robb:

    I said ESR was ATS-accredited in my own post.

    If you really "don't see", well... Either you are looking in vain for a fight with me, or you, well, since I'm not looking for a fight with you I'll just let that trail off into a moment of nostalgia for silence after the manner of Friends.

    (moment of silence)

    I trust you do see that nothing would gratify the persons elsewhere more than a dispute here, and you aren't going to get one from me. I won't let you.

    Janko Preotul
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  9. RobbCD

    RobbCD New Member

    I'm not looking for a fight with anyone. Why would I? I've been here a while and haven't made a habit of useless conflict. I still don't get all of the hullabaloo.

    Maybe it's my bad.

    Anyhow, take it easy Uncle J. You're a good egg.
  10. uncle janko

    uncle janko member


    You good egg too. We 2 are more "eggs" than they have in whole psycho forum.
  11. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

  12. JArminius

    JArminius member

    Your post actually stated:

    However, according to the CHEA Database, Earlham is only accredited by ATS. It is NOT RA.


    Robb was just setting the record straight.

  13. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

  14. JArminius

    JArminius member

  15. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    OK. I get it.

    Newbie shows up. Newbie chooses "handle" very close to earlier poster ("Arminius" w/o the J) banned for abusiveness who was also in Texas somewhere. Newbie trails me around. Newbie tries to pick fights over SATS and ESR. Newbie does nothing in his first 4 posts but pick at things I said.

    Newbie loses. I won't fight.

    P.S. to Dennis Ruhl: Some of us have a bet going on how long before you pick up this post and play with it in the crabby forum. The clock is ticking. It'll be interesting to see who wins the bet.
  16. JArminius

    JArminius member


    I just found this site yesterday, and thought I would get involved in some of the threads that seemed interesting.

    I am not picking fights. How dare you say such a thing. I have stated opinion and fact. Nothing more.

    I prefer U.S. seminaries over SATS in a particular situation. So what.

    I choose RA over GAAP. So what.

    I said Earlham School of Religion is ATS accreddited and not RA. So what. In my humble opinion, ATS accreditaion is better than RA for seminaries.

    I don't know who you are or what you purpose is here, but you seem to be a very angry person.

    Trailing you around? COME ON! You need to get a life, Mr.

  17. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    That's akin to saying that Boston University is RA, but the BU Schools of Managment, Communication, and Fine Arts are not. :rolleyes:
  18. RobbCD

    RobbCD New Member

    It turns out that you're right, Bruce. I just looked up Yale University and Yale School of Divinity on the CHEA database and they are listed in a similar fashion to Earlham College and ESR. Yale,and its colleges, are certainly RA under NEASC.

    My appologies to Uncle J. for any undue agrivation my earlier post may have caused.
  19. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    The Earlham School of Religion was accredited in 1969 by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) and by the North Central Association through affiliation with Earlham College.


    North Central accredits Earlham up to the masters and first professional level.


    Apart from an M.A.T. in teaching, aren't Earlham's graduate programs offered by the ESR?

    But more fundamentally, who cares? Why is this supposed to be a critical question? I don't read the posts at jamestown so I wouldn't know, but apparently they are trying to attack Unk (for heaven's sake, why?), by claiming that ESR is ATS but not RA. I don't think that's accurate, as I just explained, but suppose it was. What conceivable difference would it make?

    Here in California several of the Graduate Theological Union schools are ATS but not RA, though the GTU consortium itself is RA. (Which is certainly an unusual arrangement.) Examples are American Baptist Seminary of the West, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and Starr King School of Ministry. They offer their own denomnational M.Div.s individually, while they offer their more academic masters and doctorates in theology and related subjects jointly under the Graduate Theological Union umbrella.

    Scandalous!!! :D
  20. RXI

    RXI New Member

    Earlham School of Religion



    This particular subject on the accreditation of Earlham was discussed on another forum back in April.


    Its' accreditation was proven then by me and the Rev. Jimmy Clifton.

    I am not sure why this subject has to be proven again.

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