A damnable lie about Earlham School of Religion

Discussion in 'Accreditation Discussions (RA, DETC, state approva' started by uncle janko, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Not true. Username "JArminius" is the same person as was the previously-banned username "Arminius" and so, therefore, he did not just find this site yesterday.

    The previously-banned username "Arminius" came here, it seemed, for the purpose of nothing but picking fights; and nothing's changed with the mere addition of a preceding "J", it now appears.

    Actually, attacking Janko is precisely what "JArminius" came here to do, as evidenced by another abusive thread he started just a few moments ago with that sole purpose obviously in mind; which thread has been removed...

    ...along with username "JArminius" which has now joined its "J"-less predecessor among the banned.

    And the point and counter-point having been adequately made that:
    • some out there in the universe have been saying, wrongly, that Earlham -- and all its parts -- isn't regionally accredited; and that,
    • Earlham -- and all its parts -- actually is, regionally accredited,[/list=a]this thread has now completely fulfilled its purpose and usefulness and is, therefore, closed.

      In its stead, please see this new thread where I'm hoping the larger accreditation umbrella issue -- and even Earlham and its relation thereto -- may continue to be discussed... but just without all the personal stuff.
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