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    My niece has her master's in criminal justice from the University of Toledo and she is now Adjunct Instructor in Criminal Justice in the Monroe County Community College. She was told that she could be promoted to Assistant Professor if/when she gets her PhD. i am aware that Saybrook What Does It Mean To Be Human in the 21st Century? | Saybrook University once had a cop doc program but this has now been abolished. I am aware that Northcentral University Accredited Online University & Graduate Degree Programs | Northcentral University once offered a PhD/DBA in Business Administration/Criminal Justice Management but I'm not sure if this still exists. I have some vague notion that Walden Accredited Online University Degree Programs | Online College | Online School | Walden University and Capella Online University Accredited Degree Programs - Capella University might offer criminology docs, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm also aware of the PsyD in Forensic Psychology of the University of the Rockies University of the Rockies (which program Bruce Tait is pursuing). Any others I should know about?
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    Hi Ted,

    Ask her if the doctorate has to be in Criminal Justice. In our system in Virginia, we just have to have a doctorate to get promoted. It doesn't have to be in our field. That's why I'm doing the PhD in Leadership through the University of the Cumberlands. If her doctorate can be in anything, that will seriously open up her options.

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    Thx - Tedmeister
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    Some time ago, I had heard some rumors to the effect that some uni in the Boston area was starting an online doctorate in criminal justice.
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    So, as it now stands:

    Capella University www.capella.edu offers the PhD in Public Safety/Criminal Justice.

    Northcentral University www.ncu.edu offers the PhD in Business Administration/Criminal Justice.

    Nova Southeastern University www.nova.edu offers the PhD in Criminal Justice.

    The University of the Rockies University of the Rockies offers the PsyD in Criminology and Justice Studies and their PsyD, Clinical Specialization offers a concentration in Forensic and Correctional Psychology.

    Walden University www.waldenu.edu offers the PhD in Criminal Justice.

    Any more I should know about?
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    Northeastern University: D.L.P.

    “The DLP program is structured so coursework and the doctoral thesis can be completed in two years. Classes meet one weekend per month in Boston, and the learning continues online throughout the rest of the month.”
    Doctor of Law and Policy | Northeastern College of Professional Studies

    University of Leicester: Ph.D. in CJ
    Criminology Distance Learning PhD — University of Leicester

    University of Portsmouth: DCrimJ

    “The professional doctorate comprises a structured four-year programme with a taught element delivered through a small number of workshops in Portsmouth for the first two years and then two years of supervised research leading to a thesis. It is accepted that for most professionals it will not be possible to attend all of the workshops so we also use an online learning environment to make best use of technology to keep in touch.”
    DCrimJ Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice - University of Portsmouth

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    For OVER 75k you too can have a doctorate (in law and policy). Get it now, while supplies last. First come, first serve.
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    I’m certain Ted merely requested doctoral CJ field program possibilities on behalf of his niece; that is simply what I, as well as others, have posted. Too, he didn’t specify any specific limits in tuition scope to my knowledge, nor did I delve that far (e.g., looking-up the Northeastern program’s tuition). How silly of me to consider that Ted and/or his niece would be capable to accomplish such on their own and decide its fit or not. I suppose Ted, his niece, as well as we all are so very fortunate to have you onboard to google research tuitions AND determine which programs (others provide) are acceptably /reasonably priced for us all (appears price being your lone and subjective criteria (?))—and too, having the utility of your responses being solely centered on your own opinioned precepts. Again, perhaps the forum participants and observers should be considered so privileged in receiving such an insightful expertise response — I know I do … :smoker:
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    Me Again didn't tell anyone what to do or what not to do, but merely expressed an opinion (through sarcasm) about the cost of that particular program.
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    LOL haaaa grazie

    The low low price of 74k doesn't include other ancillary costs. Caveat emptor ROI. Conversely, today at the gym, a fellow said his alma mater Rollins College now charges 60k for a bachelors degree. That makes 74k for a doctorate look inexpensive. Everyone has a different price point.
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    I'm a little late to this party.... but I'm going to also mention the PhD in Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands. It is offered in their School of Education. The last poster that mentioned didn't say that the PhD offers a "Criminal Justice" specialization. Additionally, it is fairly cheap for a regionally accredited B&M institution for a PhD... Total cost is less than $25,000. I would imagine a PhD from a School of Education with an emphasis in Criminal Justice would fit exactly what is needed.

    I stumbled upon this program while figuring out what I'm going to do after completing my MPA from Mizzou. They even carry a good "regional university" ranking from US News.
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    Dear friend and fellow historian: Did I understand correctly, that the Cumberlands EdD program has 18 hour concentrations and, if that is so, does that mean that if I go to Cumberlands for my doctorate after finishing my MAIS from WNMU that I could do my 18 hour concentration in History Education?
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    Thanks for helping me help my niece, Major! You're a real cool guy and I like you!
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    Yes, me again, Major56 was just filling me in on the school from the Great State of MA about whichy I thought I had heard was opebnoing up an online cop doc program. Thanks, Major! - Ted Heiks aka Tedmeister aka Old Bald Slick
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    I'm not Matt, but I know the answer, and it is yes!

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