43% of Harvard's White Students are ALDC Admits

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    This is a demonstrably false statement. Table 11 of the study clearly shows what admissions demographics look like under various scenarios. Under a scenario where LDC preferences are eliminated, white admits decline by 204. Under a scenario where athlete preferences are eliminated, white admits decline by 303. You said eliminating all black people would open up more spots for Asians, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and we can merely look at a model where racial and LDC preference isn't policy. Under such a model, black admits decline by 68.6% (939 of 1367). Similarly, the same model shows a 41.9% decline in Hispanic admits (573 of 1365). White admits increase by 3% under this scenario, and Asians increase by 51.1%..

    The data doesn't appear to show that the elimination of AA would dramatically impact the white admit rate. Asians appear to bear the largest burden of AA by far. Perhaps this lawsuit isn't the white supremacist conspiracy theory the media is alleging. Asian students might just be upset at losing out to academically inferior Hispanic and black applicants.
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    Harvard Extension = Harvard University
    Harvard Extension =/= Harvard College
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    This again? It doesn't matter what people here say. Harvard University itself says HES is one of their schools. QED.
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    Precisely, that's my argument. If Harvard Extension = Harvard (and you agree), then technically Harvard is open to everyone. It will take in everyone and their mother (or father). In fact, I think that was the original purpose of the Extension School - to "extend" a Harvard education to the masses, first in Massachusetts, and now the world. That's mainly because it's the worst kept secret that Harvard College is, never was and never will be "fair" in terms of admissions. The faster people understand that, the faster everything in the world makes sense. Nothing in life is fair. Everyone is born with either disadvantages or advantages, regardless of race or demographics.

    Fairness is what Harvard Extension is for. Consider it Harvard's penance to cleanse itself of unfairness. So via Extension, you can't get any more egalitarian than Harvard. I rest my case your honor. ;)
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    If Harvard College = Harvard University and
    Harvard Extension = Harvard University, then, by the mathematical rule of transitivity:

    Harvard Extension = Harvard College

    LOL. :D
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    All Harvard University schools are Harvard University but all Harvard University schools are not Harvard College.
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    I was thinking about this issue again and one component not being discussed: application counts. It's not just admission rates that you should look at, you should look at application counts.
    Since Asians are way over-represented at Harvard and their admission rate is (slightly) lower, then it is only logical that Asians apply to Harvard at an unbelievably higher rate than the average person. That makes a lot of sense because Asians (like me) are primarily prestige w***es when it comes to anything brand related (see article below).


    Basically, does it make sense for Harvard to admit so many prestige w***es? That doesn't make sense. You would change the entire culture of the Harvard class. So it is reasonable to take cultural values (not race) into consideration when making decisions. I am Asian myself and I sure wouldn't want to be in a class consisting primarily of prestige-seeking people (regardless of race). That would make the college experience unbearable. I want diverse views on life - arts, love, business, opinion, etc.

    For those that would argue that it's not prestige that the Asians are looking for but rather Harvard's education quality, I call BS. If education quality were the issue, the local state flagship probably has the same quality of instruction. Heck, you can also go to Harvard Extension to get Harvard quality if prestige is not your goal.

    tldr: No.1 reason Asians want to go to Harvard is prestige. Having a class of mostly prestige-seekers is not in the best interest of diversity (cultural, not race) at Harvard. I speak as a person with multiple Asian heritage who understand the prestige-seeking Asian cultural mindset.
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