4 Week BA - Part 2

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  1. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    Well, well, well, this is too funny for words. EsqPhD used the wrong identity when posting this clap trap. The persona is that of B Liang, and should have been named such, EsqPhD screwed it up and posted as the wrong identity. This can be verified by checking the posts of Liang in this thread. ROTFLMAO. Seldom have I witnessed such incompenence in a troll.

    Administrators, doesn't this violate the degreeinfo TOS, never mind the abuse hurled at John?

  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    All the more reason not to debate with "non-entities" such as this.

    Rich Douglas
  3. Thanks, EsqPHD. I'll be taking the final exam (Excelsior College: Abnormal Psychology)for my substandard TESC degree next week, and you've provided a most welcome real-life example of psychosis in action:

    "DSM-IV 300.14: Dissociate Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder: The essential feature of Dissociative Identity Disorder is the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states that recurrently take control of behavior."

    Alternatively, you're a pathetic bullshitter wholly lacking in credibility. Either way: G'bye.
  4. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    You have me worried. I could have written that. Succinct and funny. Perhaps I did write it . . . Nah, I'm not that creative, it took a finer wit than mine.

    Well said, Dennis
    (hope I'm not congratulating myself)

  5. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    Here is eloquent testimony from the trenches. A thoughtful analysis from someone who knows. What a contrast to the shrill, incoherent, bluster of the opposition. It seems to me John's account is disarmingly honest and powerfully persuasive in its candor.

    His point about exam students having spent more (or much more) than 4 years in study via life's experiences, formal and informal, is perhaps not emphasized enough in BA in 4 Weeks, something that will have to be rectified, I think.

    Thanks John
  6. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    This is actually rather amazing. I suppose that it is possible that this is some software problem at degreeinfo, but I don't see how. Most likely the guy behind the regally titled Rev. Dr. "Esq Ph.D." Esq. screwed up and confused his fake personas. I wonder if he will be back (doubtful) or whether we will be treated to yet another anonymous new pseudo-identity.

    Whoever is doing this is smart. He's well educated and is pretty good at faking different personalities. His 'Liang' character had a very different writing style than the "Esq" character. He has interests in religion and law, since he wrote with some knowledge in both those areas. But I don't think that he's really an attorney since his abilty to sustain an argument was weak.
  7. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    Yeah, right. You've been exposed for what you are, a liar and a cheat. Not too bright either, huh?

    Using the same computer would not result in the execution of the post under the wrong name. That identity has to be input at the time of posting along with the password unique to that name. Thus posting identity is computer independent.

    Now you have created yet another identity to post this message.

  8. Donahue

    Donahue member

    Because I'm a new user, you probably think I've assumed an identity. I want to make it clear that I'm not violating any TOS. I work in the same office with Bryan Liang and EsqPhD. We do share a common computer sometimes and when you enter the user name and password, Microsoft IE will collect that info for the next time, so that a person doesn't have to retype it. I think this is common IE options.

    I really don't care about the thread--it's just funny, but I just wanted people to know that these two people are different. If you want to talk with me, please feel free to call me at my office. It's a large office so no one is going to trick you. My number is 415-381-4161.

  9. Ike

    Ike New Member

    This is really getting ugly.

  10. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    Sorry, don't believe a word of it. We could all fake identities then use that defense when caught. Get some else to plead on our behalf and vouch for us . . . or, just do it ourselves.

    Just yesterday, EsqPhd made out he did not know Liang, slapping the abusive troll on the back, and asking others, "do you know this fellow", in which case the two were conspiring to pull a fast one. Much more likely that EsqPhD is Laing. I don't believe you, and the phone number means nothing. What is that going to prove?

    That number is registered to multiple law offices at 591 Redwood Hwy # 1200 Mill Valley, CA 94941-6000. So the troll works in a law office. He still lied. Either he is Laing, or he pretended not to know Laing when he did in fact know him. He's still a con man without a name. A nonentity.

    Anyway you look at it, the guy's a bullshit artist. Stop trolling.

  11. se94583

    se94583 New Member

    Not that I want to get in the middle of this, but it seems that if anyone disagrees with Lawrie, he/she/it immediately resorts to personal attacks. After all, who are you, really? I'm sorry, Lawrie, people can disagree with you, particularly since you are advocating that sitting for a few CLEP and Excelsior exams is the equivalent (not just in name only) to actually doing the work over 4 or more years. Why you don't think people will disagree with your position (and have the affrontery to voice it) is beyond me, and quite frankly, speaks to your immaturity (something one presumably picks up during the maturation process which is a by-product of a real university education). All you have managed to do is to turn this board into aed with nifty little icons [​IMG] [​IMG] Hell, even the abortion newsgroups at least TRY to discuss that much more divisive issue in a reasonable manner. [​IMG]

    As for me, I'll confess, I'm Al Gore. Remember to move to Florida and vote (after first reading the INSTRUCTIONS) in 2004.
  12. Donahue

    Donahue member

    This is EsqPhD...I'm using Donahue's account to respond and I'm not going to and have never violated TOS. I referred Donahue and Liang to degreeinfo. This is not an impossibility when you work in the same office. Liang holds more radical views I admit.

    Though I agree with some of his views, I'm not that hardcore against DL. I'm sure Liang would still be. Anyhow, how else can you clarify things if giving out a telephone number to discuss things don't satisfy people. There are some people that will never be satisfied by whatever manner.

    I'm disappointed in degreeinfo in cancelling my account without asking for clarifications by e-mail. I assume that the people moderating it are hurt because I distance myself from Liang (which I admit I did--because I didn't share all of his radical views--however, I admit I took pleasure in some of his arguments) and Liang's views hurt their philosophy of education. That's o.k. People have different views of education and the bottom line sometimes is how society will perceive it.

    Again, some of you correctly pointed out that we have different styles of writing. We also happened to really use the same computer (though at different times). But I guess some of you won't accept that. You want to hear that you're smart and your BA in 4 weeks philosphy of education wins. That's fine with me. It's not really who wins here--but who actually wins in this majority world.

    Though I value DL, unlike Liang, I agree with him that 90+% of the academic institutions will never view DL at the caliber that we have today in a very high light. That being said, there are some good DL programs out there and its great that some of you are trying.

  13. mamorse

    mamorse New Member

    Actually, I would guess that the account was
    cancelled because the administrators believed you were using multiple identities.

  14. PSalmon

    PSalmon New Member

  15. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    I don't believe that they are anyone but you. Whoever you are, since "EsqPhD" is a phony identity too.

    It's pretty obvious that you were trying to stir up more shit here, and thought you could create a "EsqPhD"/"Liang" tag-team. "Liang" would take the 'low road', ranting on (totally unlike the MIT graduate he claims to be) about "loser schools" and get everyone posting angrily. Then "EsqPhD" would descend from Olympus and tut-tut us for acting like academic inferiors.

    Unfortunately it blew up in your face, whoever you are, because you were too careless to pull it off properly.

    But let's for the sake of argument accept everything you say. It's even worse. Here you are, sitting around your office laughing at this newsgroup with your (inevitably) "top tier" colleagues. The sarcasm must of been palpable. So the MIT graduate among you decides to stir up some shit. That had to be his intention because all the MIT grads I know, including a former housemate, are invaryingly scary in arguments. That's the MIT subculture: constant intellectual competition. They pride themselves on it. If nothing else, they become fine debaters. That means that "Liang" (assuming he was real) was obviously talking down, blowing us off, and treating the whole thing as a big joke.

    So I don't think that your cover story covers very much, "EsqPhD". Even if it is true (I don't believe it), then you guys were just fucking with us. That is a profound lack of respect both for us as people and for distance education. And that doesn't present you and your colleagues (if they even exist) in a very good light. Perhaps your "priest" persona should counsel you on ethics.

    If you are smarter than we are, then you have to demonstrate it by consistently making strong posts. You can't just announce that you graduated from a prestige school or collect letters before or after your name (which conveniently disappeared). Perhap you should consult your "attorney" persona on how to construct a good sustained argument.

    That's odd, since the percentage of American colleges and universities that offer some form of distance education is rapidly closing in on your 90% figure.

    Condescending to the last, eh?
  16. Donahue

    Donahue member

    I'm responding to this thread on my own. I have given my work number if people want to know my identity.

    As for the Liang issue, it's like referring to a John Smith or a David Jones. Many people with the same name and some with identical names have gone to some of these schools and more, what's your point? There can only one Bryan Liang from MIT? There's a lot of chinese at MIT, and over the years, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more than one Bryan Liang and more than one John Smith.

    To the moderators: I haven't attacked anyone but I have noticed that a few of your posters like attacking people. I would recommend that you give some instructions about that because it would not be fair to restrict some and not others. I intend to strongly oppose the DL concept of BA in 4 weeks and will strongly respond to anyone that tries to belittle me with their DL degrees. I intend also to defend both EsqPhD and Liang if they are continued to be attacked since I know both of them. I will of course, keep to TOS. Please let me know though, at minimum, through e-mail, if you think I am overstepping my arguments rather than with no notice--just cancelling an account.

    For some of you DL and state people, I want to be up front that I'm an Ivy League graduate. I don't care if you believe that or not--that's my position. I have the B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Yale and my law degree from Stanford Law School. I practice patent law...and when you call my law firm, that is the type of law we practice mainly. I am interested in DL and the discussion because I'm considering applying to a DL MBA program that is somewhat credible.

  17. If this were a poker game, I'd have to say:


    The illustrious firm of Donahue, Gallagher, Woods & Wood has around 40 attorneys. Only 6 went to Stanford Law. Only one attorney in the firm- partner OR associate- is a Yale man. And you, my friend, ain't him. And even if you were, you wouldn't be practicing patent law.

    Perhaps you're such a super-secret, highly-credentialed Ivy League weapon that your firm wants to keep your very existence under wraps.. even to Martindale's & the USP&TO?
  18. (P.S.. Judge Donahue has been dead for years. Have some tiny shred of decency and at least leave him his good name.)
  19. se94583

    se94583 New Member

    A quote from one of the brain-trust here:
    That is a profound lack of respect both for us as people and for distance education.

    What I find as a lack of respect is: personal attacks against anyone who doesn't toe-up with your viewpoints (even by the so-called administrators here); and the squelching of anyone who disagrees with the gospel that all 'degrees' are created equal, be they achieved by exam, portfolio or singing showtunes, and the accompanying insinuation that those who aren't lazy enough to actually go to a real school and do the work are somewhat clueless.

    Oh yes, the blatant anti-Ivy league bias, but that's another thing.

    As yourself this before posting next time: How are you helping anyone inquiring about, or deciding whether to pursue DL by acting like a bunch of geeks locked in your mothers' basements? :eek
  20. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    Unsubstantiated accusations, once more.

    But what is this post of yours but a personal attack, se94583 (is that your first name)? And don't you think it is a bit ironic that someone identifying themselves as "se94583", should refer to anyone else as "he/she/it".
    Well now, there you go again, more personal attacks. No light here, se94583, just you having a nice time having at it. And the notion that maturity is a function of
    higher education is surely ludicrous. Does this mean the majority of the adult population of the world who do not have a higher education are immature by virtue of
    that deficit? It must do, if we follow your logic.

    Then rather than whine and bitch and attack other posters, try to offer something constructive. Try to stick to the issues rather than descending into your own personal little vendettas. I have no power to turn this board into anything. I am not an administrator, and I am certainly not a member of any "in crowd", as even a brief history of this board will reveal. I am but one voice.

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