4 Week BA - Part 2

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    I've been following this thread since the flame war was started by posters with multiple identities. I must say:

    Good stuff Lawrie, BA in 4 weeks is, to a great extent, an excellent way which people can obtain a legitmate, recognized credential. Specifically, this is true for people working full time, like myself.

    I'm attending a traditional university and I'm taking a combination of traditional lectures and a few distance-learning classes. UBC allows a maximum of around 30 distance-education credits toward a degree (for my disipline at least). Even so, I'd love to see people succeed with similar, accredited programs like Excelsior's, and I don't see why people would "trash" the Excelsior grads- clearly black-hearted. Why?

    If one is to make fun of credits-by-examinations, I'd like to ask how these people were tested in schools (weren't their knowledge validated the same way?) I skip quite some classes (as long as the prof's okay with it), and I get decent grades in my courses. So, what's the problem?

    Besides, Excelsior is properly accredited. If one is to trash the mentioned, then you're also trashing the US accredition principles. Also, you're trashing HW MBAs cuz they got their degrees entirely by examinations too, and those are graduate degrees.

    The true "morons" are the ones who use multiple identities. Btw, Credit-by-examination is a classic, alternative form of education, and not your average "mail-order degree scholarship"

    Speaking of obvious stupidity...


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    didn't someone recently, such as "lawrie" state that a HW MBA is actually taught on the high school level? nevertheless, someone cannot come off the street and just take the exams in a month or two's time. Its more of a programmed learning concept. The BA in 36 hours or 4 weeks or whatever has no guided study or program; just schlep on in, pay your money, and fill in the bubble sheets. Statistically, someone could guess their way to a passing score.
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    Please cut the B-S (Not Bachelor of Science). I came to this forum about 12 weeks ago desperate:

    "Too old to sit in class...Top Level Executive losing job if can't earn a degree!"

    I got some really great advice and I am on track to getting my master's. I admit I am not the smartest person in the world and I have no business getting my nose into this discussion, however I cannot stand by and watch this.

    I have worked my entire life and I managed to recently receive a BA in Sociology from Thomas Edison after quitting High-School to go into the Military. If it weren't for TESC, COSC, & Excelsior I would not have even tried to get a higher-education. Please...continue to give top-notch advice and leave the ego's and personal attacks for Jerry Springer or some other forum! The internet is Big enough that I am sure you can find somewhere else to fight...also,

    Thank you John Bear, Tom Head, Rich Douglas, Mariah Bear, AND LAWRIE MILLER for the advice a few month's ago...giving me a second chance!
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    Bi, EsqPhD or whomever -- you of course no longer have any credibility. I would bet the whole MIT stuff is fake too; heck you won't do any research to back up your mean-spirited tirade.

    Just a couple of points for readers:

    Colleges such as Excelsior also accept AP exams.

    Excelsior doesn't do portfolios but accepts portfolio evaluation from a few other accredited instutions.

    Finally, I will take my short residency, fully accredited, nontraditionally earned degrees anyday over people who are falsely presenting themselves. Besides they have met every expection both professionally and personally. I am a very satisfied DL consumer.

  5. David 2

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    Just to get back to the topic, one differnce between an British Degree by examination and the 4 week BA is that in the British system, the school chooses the tests to be taken.

    The degree is the result of a carefully designed course of study, not 120 credits earned by picking tests that can be passed without studying.

    Also, you have a limited number of attempts to pase the test. Just takeing test untill you have 120 units is like shooting free-throws in warmups, not the same as in the game.
  6. Lawrie Miller

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    Simply not true. Many schools allow a choice of modules in their programs. Within these groups of possible subjects there will be some that candidates will consider easier than others, and many students may elect to pick those they consider easiest. Doing my UK HNC in Computer Technology, and my HND (HD) in Applied Math, I had the choice of several different paths, and the same is true of many bachelor programs with modular and credit transfer schemes.

    I have no figures for the number of retests for degree candidates testing out using US proficiency exams, and neither do you. Normally there is a waiting period of three or six months between exam tries. I doubt that many candidates are taking three or four tests for a tryout, then going again at the same three or four in three or six months, and continuing this strategy of the term of a 120 semester hour degree. The costs would be prohibitive for GRE subject and Excelsior exams, especially.

    What is your experience of education in the UK, or in taking US proficiency exams?

    I notice you sign off as "Davis", here, but in your only other post in this forum as "David". Names can be a pain, huh?

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