33% of online classes are not "authorized"

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    In theory, it could be. The US system allows different states to have different standards (and this applies to many things, not just online education). So it would be possible for School A operating in State A to offer degrees that would be considered substandard in State B. This might be no problem if School A only offers degrees within State A, but it could be an issue if School A offered those same degrees via DL to students in State B.

    In practice, RA and NA represent a common standard that is normally accepted nationwide. So (in my opinion) it might make sense for the states to simply exempt RA or NA schools from the requirement to seek state authorization. And this would probably eliminate most of the concerns.

    In some cases, however, professional accreditation could be an issue even for NA or RA schools. For example, in most states the standard for JD degrees is ABA approval. But California allows schools (some of which are RA or NA) to offer non-ABA JD degrees by DL. Would it be a problem if those California schools started offering their non-ABA JD degrees in other states ? Sure, I could see this becoming an issue.
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    It's an incredibly stupid situation, because it means that a U.S.-based school that wants to offer its programs to all Americans is supposed to deal with the state approval process in all fifty states -- plus the six territories. That this didn't get laughed down immediately is a testament to the idiocy of bureaucratic decision making.
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    Sigh -- yet another testament? As if we needed one more!

    Indeed it is, Steve. As you say, another "incredibly stupid situation." Do you guys have a special, taxpayer-funded "Bureau of Incredibly Stupid Situations" yet? We do -- it's called the Federal Government and its Head Office is in Ottawa. :sad:

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