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  1. Ruble

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    I am in the process of acquiring my Ed.D and while doing so would like to do some adjunct teaching for experience. All the education / special education teaching positions at the local CC's are currently filled with no foreseeable openings. Nearly every school had openings in the history department; most eluding to the fact that major turnover in the history department was common.

    I'm looking for an inexpensive school where I can obtain 18 hours in history. Accelerated would be great as well.

    As always, thanks a ton for the help.
  2. bazonkers

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    Wow, that's interesting. Most schools seem to have more history applicants than openings. I'd take a look at AMU for classes. Not really accelerated but each class is less than $1000. You might be able to find some 8-week courses that sound interesting.
  3. Ruble

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    That was always my understanding as well. We're a pretty rural area with the majority of history majors teaching at the high school level. Most teachers, at least at my school and my district, go for the MA in teaching or education.
  4. Ruble

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    Guh, that should read alluding, not eluding lol...sigh...
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  6. Ted Heiks

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    You might try going to the "MA in History Question" Sticky and start clicking on some links to find out whether they take people on a "just taking classes" basis.
  7. mattbrent

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    I am doing the WNMU MAIS with concentrations in History & Political Science. I already have an MSEd from Walden, so as soon as I got 18 hours, I was golden. I also took a few courses with APU to speed up the process. Now I have 2 more classes at WNMU to finish. The community college had no problems with either of these schools since they were regionally accredited.


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