Zogby: "How Do Online Degrees Measure Up?"

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by basrsu, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. -kevin-

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    "hiding" was a poor choice of words on my part. I should have said "not as readily obvious" or something of that nature. I don't advocate hiding any information directly asked. However, we are discussing a resume not an interview, so I list what is on my diploma or transcripts.
  2. Kizmet

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    While I respect your opinion I would like to disagree with you. Your use of the word "should" implies that there is an obligation. I do not believe that this obligation exists. You might hope that someone might promote distance learning but I'm happy to leave it up to the individual to asses their situation and make that personal decision. I can easily imagine scenarios where someone might not want to advertise that their degree was earned through distance learning.
  3. jgaddy33688

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    To add to this statement, if one truly believes that a DL degree is equal to a traditional degree, then no promotion is required.
  4. Kizmet

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    Oh man! That's an even better point.
  5. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    I think that experience trumps a degree except in those scenarios where the degree is required for entry into the profession. Unless the job announcement requires an explanation there would be no need to address it.

    But, (and this is just an example) if you were working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico aboard a derrick and listed a degree from the University of London that was coincidental in timeframe it would be something for the HR folks to inquire about (and readily explained), which may sideline, or otherwise push your resume to a different stack. However, if you listed a degree from Lousiana Tech it would get a quicker pass despite being earned in the same manner. Fair? nope, but, are you trying to get a job over someone else or defend the modality of your learning?

    I would venture that a good number of the folks posting here are older and established and we consistently see folks looking to finish a degree or attain another for advancement. I believe it is important to address the questions that are posed to you either in a job announcement or directly in an interview. When discussing DL we are discussing modality of earning the degree, not the degree itself. A legitimate degree stands on its on.

    To reiterate what I stated in another post. We are discussing a resume, not an interview. My opinon is that you respond directly to questions in an interview. Unless you are asked to explain your resume then it stands as presented.

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