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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by plcscott, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. plcscott

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    Zell Miller's speech was very powerful. I watched both conventions, and so far speakers like Rudy, Arnold and Zell have really made the case for Bush. Bush would have to really bomb in order for this convention not to give him a huge boost.

    I have never voted for a republican president, but I see that as my only choice this time.
  2. BLD

    BLD New Member

    Go Zell Go! Go Zell Go! Go Zell Go!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A very wise choice, indeed!
  4. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    I already know I'm voting for Kerry, but I have to admit I enjoyed Miller's speech. Arnold's wasn't half bad, either.

  5. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    I saw Miller--impressive as a Cato-the-Censor oratorical piece.
    If C-Span reruns the Arnold, I want to see it too.
  6. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

  7. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Thanks, Tom, I'll try the link.
  8. BLD

    BLD New Member

    I admit my bias for the Republican side, but can anyone deny that the orators for the Republican convention put those for the Democrat convention to shame?

  9. BLD

    BLD New Member

    Zell Miller Manuscript

    The entire text of Zell Miller's speech can be found by CLICKING HERE
  10. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    I wouldn't say put to shame; comparing Miller and Schwarzenegger with Clinton and Obama is like comparing apples and moon rocks, because the content and tone of the speeches were completely different. But I will say that the RNC has held its own quite well and, assuming a good performance by Bush tonight, I think this will go down in history as a really good convention.

  11. javila5400

    javila5400 New Member

    It is very refreshing to see open-minded Democrats. Give 'em hell, Zell!!
  12. plcscott

    plcscott New Member

    Obama was the highlight of the democratic convention, but I think his speech did a lot more for him than it did for Kerry. The speeches by Rudy, Arnold, and Zel did a lot more for Bush. If Bush would and could make the case for his decisions like they made for his decisions then this would not be near as close as it is IMO.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some may deny it, but not with legitimacy.........
  14. BLD

    BLD New Member

    Have you also noticed the distinctively different tone of the two conventions? The Republicans are looking forward, optimistic, and even able to have a good time. The Democrats are looking backward (btw, did you know Kerry served in Vietnam?), pessimistic, and about the most dour looking bunch on the face of the planet.

  15. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    I'll go a step further: the DNC speeches were not, by and large, about Bush and Kerry. They were about the ideas behind Bush and Kerry's respective platforms. Those that did mention personalities tended to focus on criticism of Bush rather than praise of Kerry, but this is to be expected from the opposition party. The Republicans did the same thing in '96.

  16. DesElms

    DesElms New Member


    Proof, if ever I saw it, that eyewitness testimony should always be taken with something of a grain of salt. How any two people can witness the same event and come to such startlingly different conclusions about what they saw has always been a marvel to me.

    Never in my life (and I'm no kid) have I seen so much anger and vitriol emanating from a Republican convention as I'm seeing from this one... nor so many pathetic lies. And never in my life have I seen the Republicans running so scared -- that is, if the sum total of their time they've spent castigating Kerry instead of telling America what, specifically, they can do for us, is any indication. If the goal of the convention was to avoid all substance then all I can say is: Mission Accomplished. So far there has been no discussion of jobs, no plan for health care, no acknowledgement of the middle class squeeze. In fact, no policy. At All.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, talked almost exclusively during their time at the mic about what they can do for America, and went out of their way not to do too much Bush bashing. Of course it happened a little, which is as it should be; but the Dems' Bush bashing was nothing compared with what the GOP is doing to Kerry in this convention -- a sure sign that they're scared as hell. In fact, the Republicans, this year, have devoted nearly their entire program to going after Kerry -- something that is virtually unprecedented for an incumbant president's party's convention to do... unless they're scared, that is.

    But don't take my word for it. Here's a post from this morning's DNC's "Kicking Ass" blog that says it all far better than I could (yes... I know... hard to believe, isn't it?):

    Took the words right out of my mouth

    Joe Scarborough is a former right-wing Republican Congressman from Florida and currently the host of MSNBC's, "Scarborough Country." Last night, he gave one of the most poignant analyses of the Republican Convention that I have heard anywhere on the news.
    • "I find it remarkable," Scarborough said. "We are three days into this convention, and we have been talking all year about how this election is going to be about George W. Bush. The Republicans, with their ad campaigns, the third-party attacks, this convention, three nights into this convention, this convention remains about John Kerry. I can't remember a major presidential election where you have an incumbent that makes the central focus of their convention about the other guy, about the challenger. It is a radical departure from politics as usual. And what does it say about what they think George Bush has done over the past four years, and, more importantly, what the American people think of George Bush?"
    The front page of the New York Times today (September 2, 2004) features a graphic that counts the number of times certain words were used during the first three days of both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. We mentioned Bush 18 times. The Republicans have mentioned Kerry 86.

    They have no record to tout, no plan for the next for years to explain and no vision for the future to share.

    They're not in New York to promote George Bush or to celebrate his record. He has been a miserable failure for the last four years and they know it, so instead they will concentrate on attacking John Kerry. And that's why they are known as the Republican Attack Machine.

    Posted by Nita Chaudhary

    And here's another:

    The angry party

    Last night, the Republican Party proved once and for all that it has nothing to offer the American people. The vice president couldn't articulate his president's vision for the future — because there isn't one. A Republican Senator who perversely likes to call himself a Democrat lied over and over and over again to the American people while revealing the inexplicable rage that motivates him.

    On a night where the theme was "Land of Opportunity," we learned that Republicans aren't the least bit interested in making America a better place. All they have to offer are anger, fear, and despair. But don't take my word for it. Look at the headlines this morning from around the Web:
    • Cheney, Miller hammer Kerry — (CNN)
    • Cheney and G.O.P. Mount Vigorous Assault on Kerry — (New York Times)
    • Cheney Calls Kerry Unfit; Democrat Joins Barrage — (Washington Post)
    • GOP Fires Rhetorical Barrage at Kerry — (LA Times)
    • Cheney blasts Kerry on national security — (MSNBC)
    • GOP Puts Kerry On The Spit — (CBS News)
    • 'America Sees Two John Kerrys' — (Fox News)
    • Cheney hits Kerry on national security — (Washington Times)
    Every single one — including the conservative Fox News and Washington Times — includes "Kerry."

    Everyone knows what last night was about. It wasn't about optimism. It wasn't about vision. It wasn't about the future. It was about tearing down John Kerry, because that is the only hope Republicans have to win this election.

    Zell Miller, "Democrat" -- The new angry
    face of the Republican Party

    Posted by Jesse Berney

    Oh, but wait... it gets even better! When you Republicans play the "flip-flop" card so heavily, you might want to first make sure your anti-Kerry poster boys aren't flip-flopper poster boys, too. Below is the introduction to John Kerry that Zell Miller gave at the Democratic Party of Georgia's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on March 1, 2001:
    • "It is good to be back in Georgia and to be with you. I have been coming to these dinners since the 1950s, and have missed very few.

      "I'm proud to be Georgia's junior senator and I'm honored to serve with Max Cleland, who is as loved and respected as anyone in that body. One of our very highest priorities must be to make sure this man is re-elected in 2002 so he can continue to serve this state and nation.

      "I continue to be impressed with all that Governor Barnes and Lieutenant Governor Taylor and the Speaker and the General Assembly are getting done over at the Gold Dome. Georgia is fortunate to have this kind of leadership.

      "My job tonight is an easy one: to present to you one of this nation's authentic heroes, one of this party's best-known and greatest leaders – and a good friend.

      "He was once a lieutenant governor – but he didn't stay in that office 16 years, like someone else I know. It just took two years before the people of Massachusetts moved him into the United States Senate in 1984.

      "In his 16 years in the Senate, John Kerry has fought against government waste and worked hard to bring some accountability to Washington.

      "Early in his Senate career in 1986, John signed on to the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Bill, and he fought for balanced budgets before it was considered politically correct for Democrats to do so.

      "John has worked to strengthen our military, reform public education, boost the economy and protect the environment. Business Week magazine named him one of the top pro-technology legislators and made him a member of its 'Digital Dozen.'

      "John was re-elected in 1990 and again in 1996 – when he defeated popular Republican Governor William Weld in the most closely watched Senate race in the country.

      "John is a graduate of Yale University and was a gunboat officer in the Navy. He received a Silver Star, Bronze Star and three awards of the Purple Heart for combat duty in Vietnam. He later co-founded the Vietnam Veterans of America.

      "He is married to Teresa Heinz and they have two daughters.

      "As many of you know, I have great affection – some might say an obsession – for my two Labrador retrievers, Gus and Woodrow. It turns out John is a fellow dog lover, too, and he better be. His German Shepherd, Kim, is about to have puppies. And I just want him to know … Gus and Woodrow had nothing to do with that.

      "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Senator John Kerry."

      Source: Zell Miller's own official senate web site
    Hmm. Ol' Zell seemed to be whistlin' somethin' of a different tune back then, didn't he?

    Yep... yer shure right, there, BLD: Go, Zell. Go. [sigh] :rolleyes:

    The GOP can do better.

    TONIGHT: Will Bush own-up to his failed presidency?

    "Bush's agenda consists almost entirely of expanded or repackaged ideas he has promoted before — partly because the deficit precludes major new programs. Outside economists said campaign strategists argued this week that the political terrain has shifted dramatically in the president's favor and that specific proposals are unnecessary. 'As long as he can win by talking about how great America is and blah, blah, blah, why take a chance?' said Bruce Bartlett, a conservative economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis. 'All we're going to get is pabulum.'” (The Washington Post, 9/2/04)
  17. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Uhhh.....Gregg....Miller has stated several times that he simply read a prepared speech given to him by Kerry's people. He didn't write it.

    Once he went out and did some research into Kerry's real background, he was "mad as hell", and I'm sure that's a big reason why he agreed to speak at the RNC. No one likes getting bamboozled, even by a pro like Kerry.

    It's quite amusing to see the Dems panic, because their own people are now realizing what the real John Kerry is.
  18. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    So in other words, he gave the speech before he didn't give it? :D

  19. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Oh, he gave it alright, he just didn't research it beforehand.

    If you read the text, it's pretty obvious that it's a prepared bio.

    Oh, Gregg, I thought you might like this;


    Yeah, there is no left-wing media bias. :rolleyes:
  20. BLD

    BLD New Member

    The Dems are upset because their world is falling apart. Their convention, was by and large, a big pity party and they can't handle it that the Republicans not only had one of the most positive and uplifting conventions in recent memory, but that BUSH IS AHEAD IN THE POLLS!

    Your post is a classic example of how Dems deal with issues -- they whine and complain and offer no solution. Typical...


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