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    Warm greetings all! Hope you have had chance to see the lunar eclipse tonight. It has been an awesome site here in NC for me.

    I told you guys and gals that I would give you an update on my studies with SCUps now CSU. It has been very demanding and the mentors don't take grading assignments lightly. There are many many assignments and research papers to write. I am kind of getting the thought that if I am going to put this much work into a degree and pay this higher tuition, I might need to consider transferring to a nationally accredited school if I can find one with a Psy D online. The quality of the education is here but the accreditation is becoming a stumbling block in recognition with state governments for employment. The private sector is accepting of a verifiable state approved school such as CSU because the graduates are eligible to sit for the Bar and the psych grads are eligible not only to sit for licensure in CA but also several other states which lends quality to the programs.

    My question to you guys - what is your professional and your personal opinion of the NAPNCS accreditation agency. It is trying for recognition again but I don't think they have enough schools currently for the Secretary of the DOE to make an informed judgment. I know Madison University out of Mississippi inquired about the accreditation and quickly dropped any interest probably because of the quality of their programs and they knew they had no chance in hades.

    From what I read in researching NAPNSC and actually talking to the President of the agency, it is really a very good accreditation as a first step towards the DETC and Regional. I believe if they were accrediting additional quality schools they would have a better chance at gaining recognition.

    What are you all's thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any opinions good or bad.
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    There have been lots of threads about it. For example:

    Here's another thread with a much lower signal-to-noise ratio. I remember it because it's where I (kinda) defended NAPNSC against flames and backfires that were coming out of a passing truck.
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    Thanks Bill, yeah, that's it. letters transposed.
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    Hi Bill - read the threads. interesting stuff. this agency now has quite a few folks on the board and they have an "onsite" evaluation team now. that is a good thing in my mind. i also find it interesting that the NAPNSC has only three schools it has accredited and one in process. to me this demonstrates they are not in it for the money or to accredit diploma mills such as the WAUC does.

    i am interested in how the guys who posted in the previous threads have changed or remained the same inn their opinions since those threads from several years ago given the changes and additions of who appear to be credible folks associated with that organization. i am neither for or against this agency. just curious because it doesn't strike me as a "bad" accreditor and why more schools haven't tried for accreditation with them. I know Madison University, and I use the term university with them with a bitter taste, had an interest in that organization but quickly "lost" interest and stayed with the WAUC.

    again, thanks Bill for replying.
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