Youngest son passed Western Civ 2 today

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by okiemom, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. okiemom

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    He read the second half of "Western Civilization: A Brief History" by Perry. watched The Teaching Company Foundations of Western Civ 2 DVD's, used REA Western Civilization II CLEP prep book and Peterson's practice test. Since he's still in high school, we treated this as a semester long course.

    Going a bit off topic, my oldest son chose to take Western Civ while he was attending John Brown University. Preston Jones, the author of the REA CLEP books was his professor. This was the first time my son ever hated a class. He liked Professor Jones but the class was real killer.
  2. bazonkers

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    It would have been great if he CLEP'd out of it using the REA guide in the middle of the semester and told him how he appreciated the book but his class sucked. :)
  3. okiemom

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    sorry, I should have specified western civ clep book instead of just clep book.
  4. okiemom

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    I think if he could have, he would have gladly done it.
  5. cookderosa

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    LOL, that's brilliant! I like that.

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